Monday, November 7, 2016


November came in like a mutant lion. There were some complications with my schedule, some new challenges dealing with family matters and the amazing Akron Comicon to attend. However, with no further convention commitments this year, I am free to tame that November beastie and get things back on a steady course.

My report on the Grand Rapids Comic-Con will resume tomorrow. It’ll be followed by a special bloggy thing or two and then my report on the Akron Comicon. Once the convention reports are concluded, I’ll get back to the bloggy’s regular features.

Just after Thanksgiving, I will start scheduling my 2017 convention appearances. If you’re a promoter who would like me as a guest at your event, e-mail me sooner rather than later. I’ll tell you what I need to come to your convention and you can decide if I’m worth it. Obviously, I think I’m worth it, but I hold no ill will towards any promoter who can’t accommodate me. With all the conventions on the calendar, I know how competitive the field can be. Having been part of many conventions beyond just being a guest, I also know how tight a budget can get.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow as I continue reporting on my thrilling weekend in Grand Rapids.

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