Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Starting on January 2, I will again be available for interviews. Even if you've contacted me before, you need to contact me again. But not here.

Send me an email at 

tonyisa at ohio dot net

I prefer to do e-mail interviews, but will do my level best to accommodate requests for phone interviews and even Skype interviews. However...

If all you want to talk about is the Black Lightning TV show - and I do realize what a big deal that is - you're going to the back of the line. Any interviews MUST include my work on Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands.

My love for the TV series is pure and true and boundless. But so is my love for my comic-book writing. I don't want that overlooked.

I am having surgery on January 8th. I expect to be back at work the next day. Keep that in mind when scheduling your interview with me.

Black Lightning's back! And so am I!

Tony Isabella

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