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It’s been a while since I’ve posted these notes on Sanctum Books’ fine reprints of classic pulp adventure fiction. But I just found a stack of books I hadn’t yet written about and am expecting to get a huge shipment of other books in the near future. So...

The Shadow #105: Doom on the Hill and Clue for Clue [March 2016; $14.95] has two full-length starring Shadow agent Harry Vincent in key roles. Both were written by Walter B. Gibson, writing under the house name Maxwell Grant.

Doom on the Hill was originally published in The Shadow Magazine dated November 15, 1934. From the story’s title page:

Here is crime that is thrust upon The Shadow through the work of Harry Vincent, his agent. And it turns out to be stupendous crime that will thrill you!

Clue for Clue was first published in the October 15, 1942 issue of The Shadow Magazine. From the back cover:

The Knight of Darkness follows a winding trail Clue for Clue as he searches for Nazi diamonds, while Harry Vincent finds romance with an enemy agent.

Will Murray’s informative “Interlude” essay offers a concise look at Harry Vincent’s relationship with The Shadow and discuss how the hero’s assistants grew from a few trusted individuals into a much larger force.

Rounding out the issue is another comics story starring “Iron Munro the Astounding Man!” The seven-page take was written by Theodore Sturgeon - adapted a prose story by the legendary John W. Campbell - and drawn by Jack Farr. It hails from Shadow Comics #7 [November 1940].

The front cover painting for this volume is by George Rozen. The back cover art is by Rozen and Graves Gladney. The interior illustrations are by Tom Lovell and and Paul Orban. It’s another terrific volume from Sanctum Books.

ISBN 978-1-60877-204-9

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