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The Shadow #106: Room of Doom and The Chest of Chu Chan [April 2016; $14.95] presents two full-length novels. Both were written by Walter B. Gibson, writing under the house name Maxwell Grant, and each makes use of Gibson’s exceptional knowledge of stage magic and illusion for key elements of the stories.

Room of Doom hails from The Shadow Magazine dated April 1, 1942. From the back cover:

The Knight of Darkness infiltrates a bizarre Room of Doom to uncover the truth behind a “locked door” death.

The Chest of Chu Chan was published in the September 1944 issue of The Shadow Magazine. From the back cover:

The Shadow seeks to discover how the new owner of The Chest of Chu Chan was found locked inside his latest acquisition.

As usual, Will Murray’s informative “Interlude” essay reveals the secrets behind these novels. He also discusses how the multiple mirrors that appear in Room of Doom inspired an amazing painting by George Rozen and a scene in the 1994 Shadow film that starred Alec Baldwin.

Publisher Anthony Tollin provides a “Spotlight on George Tuska” as a prelude to this issue’s reprint of an Iron Munro comic-book tale. This eighth adventure of “Iron Munro, the Astounding Man” is the first installment not adapted from the novel by legendary science fiction editor and writer John W. Campbell. We don’t yet know who wrote this one - it wasn’t Otto Binder or Theodore Sturgeon - but, even with swipes from Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon and Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, Tuska’s early style comes through. It's from the July 1941 issue of Shadow Comics.

The back cover art for this Shadow volume is by Rozen, Modest Stein and Tuska. The interior illustrations are by Paul Orban.

ISBN 978-1-60877-205-6

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