Tuesday, May 17, 2022




My first VAST ACCUMULATION OF STUFF GARAGE SALE of 2022 will take place on Friday, May 20, at Casa Isabella, 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio from 9 am to noon. I wanted to give all my local customers first shot at all the new stuff I’ve added to the sale prior to my packing up most of the boxes for a one-day (Sunday) Buffalo comics show. I’ll tell you more about the Buffalo event tomorrow.

What will you find at this Friday’s garage sale? An assortment of comics, trade paperbacks and other items written by me. Several boxes of comics for sale at one dollar each. Boxes of older comics priced to sell. Boxes of trade paperbacks at approximately 30% off their original prices. My famous “mystery boxes” priced at just ten bucks each. And much more.


I’ll also be selling the exclusive-to-me reprint of the very first appearance of Misty Knight. When my creation appeared on the Luke Cage TV series, Marvel reprinted that issue as part of the Marvel’s Greatest Creators series. The company also offered me the chance to have a special edition that only I would be selling. It’s limited to 1500 copies and features a cover exclusive to this edition. I’ve been selling these signed and numbered comics for $10 each and was planning to raise that price. However, after seeing how happy fans were to buy this exclusive comic book at Pensacon and Fantasticon, Saintly Wife Barb has asked me to keep that ridiculously low price a while longer. I’ll have somewhere between twenty and fifty issues available for this garage sale and my Buffalo event.

As with all of my garage sales, whether you buy it from me or not, I’ll sign your Isabella-written stuff for free. However, since this first sale is only one day, I ask you not bring dozens and dozens of comics for me to sign. I will be having garage sales throughout the summer, so you can bring more stuff on your next visit.

What you won’t see at this garage sale are boxes of quarter comic books. I know customers love them, but my personal supply of such comics is exhausted. I have been trying to buy more, but I haven’t any takers for the price I’m offering. However...

I’m buying short boxes and long boxes of comic books. I’m paying $15 for a short box and $30 for a long box.

The only conditions I put on these purchases are these:

The comic books have to be in decent shape. They do not need to be bagged and boarded.

I don’t want dozens of copies of the same issue. I can take up to ten copies of a single issue.

You have to bring the boxes to me. That way, there’s a chance you will end up spending whatever I pay you and more shopping my garage sales. Insert evil laugh here.

The boxes can not contain sexually explicit comic books like, for example, Naked People Having Naked Sex Adventures. Yes, I totally made that title up. No, surprisingly, it’s not on my bucket list of over three hundred things I want to write before I kick the bucket.  If I write sexually explicit comics or prose, they will be ever so much more classy and filled with keen insight on why people enjoy rubbing against each other while, you know, naked.

If you want to sell boxes of comics to me, e-mail me so that we can arrange a date and a time for you do that. I will have to limit how many comic books I buy. A friend of mine once bought 13,000 comic books and they were delivered to his house on a pallet. I have had nightmares about that ever since he shared the story with me. Not to mention it would be hard to hide a pallet of comic books from my Saintly Wife Barb.

Am I afraid she’ll read this blog and find out I’m buying comics? Hey, she’s been listening to me through 37 years of marriage and the ten years we dated before that. Do you think she reads these bloggy things? “Saintly” only goes so far.

Moving on...

There will be signs on my front lawn advertising the garage sale. There’ll be a huge Tony Isabella banner hanging from our back porch next to our driveway. There’ll also be a small standing banner in front of the garage.

There is no parking in our driveway. There’s parking on Damon Drive across from our house and also on the Bradley Court “U”, which is where our garage is.

I won’t be wearing any political hats or shirts. I ask anyone who comes to the garage sale to leave their MAGA gear and other bigoted or racist or treasonous garb at home.

Unless you are an on-duty police officer or other law enforcement worker, weapons of any kind are barred from my garage sale. That’s just common courtesy and sense.

You do not have to wear a medical mask to attend my garage sale. I have no problem with you wearing such a mask if that is your call. If you’re wearing any non-medical mask, you better be dressed as a super-hero or super-villain. Will this be the year Black Lightning or Tigra come to one of my garage sales?

If you can’t make Friday’s garage sale, there will also be garage sales on Friday and Saturday, May 27 and 28, from 9 am to noon and throughout the summer and into September. I can’t do any special appointments this time out, but, after I get back from Buffalo, I will do my best to accommodate you at other times.

Please feel free to spread the word about this garage sale on your social media and elsewhere. There are book and comics projects that I want to write and these sales will help finance them.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2022 Tony Isabella


  1. Surprise find for my VAST ACCUMULATION OF STUFF garage sales! It's a gigantic box of Superman memorabilia that dates back to Cleveland's 1988 SUPERMAN EXPO. I'm not going to take the time to research this stuff. I'll be putting it out for sale at what will almost certainly be insanely low prices. I don't think I have room to put it all out for this first garage sale, but it'll be a part of my sales for as long as it lasts.

  2. Tony, ever have any D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) or other table top RPGs pass through your collection?

  3. Of course Buffalo Comicon is this Saturday, when my (fully vaccinated) spouse is down with a case of COVID and I might be testing positive myself. Luck is not with us! Well, if she wasn't sick, my wife would have been performing in a play being put on by a community theater troupe anyway.

  4. Michael...Not impossible, but unlikely. I did find some super-hero RPG stuff a few years back.

  5. Andrew...This isn't Buffalo Comicon. It's a Sunday show. I'll have some details soon.

  6. Tony is there anyway to purchase a few copies of this comic from you and have them shipped? I was going to have someone swing by and get some for me at the convention. but then you had to cancel. I have no issue paying shipping. I need to ship a few over seas to my partners in our Iron fist podcast "Sons of the dragon" Thank you

  7. Karl, I assume you're talking about the Misty Knight exclusive. Yes, you can get these. Send $15 to Tony Isabella, 840 Damon Drive, Medina, OH 44256. Give me a week to get it in the mail to you. If you want more than one copy, send an additional $10 for each additional copy.