Wednesday, June 29, 2016

STILL FIGHTING family and I are dealing with some serious stuff right now. We (Barb, Eddie, Kelly and myself) are fine. But one of my in-laws is in a really bad situation...someone is leeching off our WiFi signal and downloading illegal material...and our upstairs AC system is leaking into a downstairs family room. The first situation is the big problem and we don't know how it will be resolved. The second will hopefully be handled by a new router with stronger security, though I'll probably have to call in someone to install it. The third is awaiting someone to look at the situation and confirm what we think is the cause. If we're right, we'll be demanding the company that recently repaired the AC come out and make it right at its expense. 

There are other things going on with me personally. Legal matters that need to be resolved. Work that needs to be completed. What is certainly a temporary cash-flow problem. And so on. I may have to reconsider some of my planned convention and other appearances. Stress is my co-pilot.

I post this not to garner sympathy. I have ample evidence of how much my Facebook friends and readers love me. I just wanted to make sure nobody panics if my online presence ebbs and flows over the next several days.

I'm still here, still fighting the Bear, still pushing my way through Crap Mountain. See you on the other side.

Be well. Be kind. Live large.

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  1. I'm not sure what is worse: having the AC go out during the summer time or the furnace die in the winter? Either way, it's always a good call to get well respected, quality repair people out to fix it. And fix it right the first time so they don't have to come out again!