Monday, July 8, 2013


What has gone before:

I am a special guest at this year’s Comic-Con International in San
Diego. These countdown things are my way of trying to get a grip on
the enormity of that event.

Comic-Con has posted its programming schedule.  I’ve been sending
links to each day’s schedules to my son Ed, my daughter Kelly and
my “other daughter” Giselle.  They are overwhelmed by the scope and
variety of the programming schedule.  Is there another comics event
in the world with this many programmed events?

Mark Evanier - the wisest of sages - has opined that everybody can
find their Comic-Con at this event.  I concur.  Whatever your own
interests, you will find more panels and programs of interest than
you can possibly attend.  Life is full of choices.

So far, I have only read the Thursday programming schedule and it
may be dizzy.  There will be anniversary celebrations for Bongo and
TwoMorrows, two of my favorite current publishers. There will be
presentations for Psych and Teen Wolf, two favorites of Kelly.  I
love Psych, too, but I’m scheduled to be somewhere else at the time
of that presentation.

There are spotlight panels for Dan Parent and Jeff Smith, two great
comics creators.  There’s the sure-to-be-a-hoot-and-a-half Sergio
and Mark Show starring Sergio Aragones and that wise old Evanier
fellow.  There’s...way more amazing events than I can even begin to
consider attending.

Where will I be on Thursday?

I’m scheduled to be interviewed by Comic Outpost TV at 1:30 in the
afternoon.  I don’t know if they have a live audience, but, even if
they don’t, you can find me after the interview if you want me to
sign something I’ve written, ask me a question, discuss business,
shower me with gifts or whatever.

Thursday evening, I’ll be here...

Family Feud: The Comics Blogging Panel

With the 24-hour news cycle turning into a 24-minute news cycle,
fans are still getting their comics news from the top news sites
and blogs. Join moderator Tom Spurgeon in a no-holds-barred
discussion with comics journalists on how they make-and break-the
news, the ethics of journalism, the death of blogging, the uses of
social media, and ways you can join in on the fun. With Spurgeon
(The Comics Reporter), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), Tony Isabella
(Tony’s Tips), Alexa Dickman (Ladies Making Comix), Rich Johnston
(Bleeding Cool), and special surprises!

Thursday July 18, 2013 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Room 23ABC

I’ll also be available for signing, question-answering, discussing
of business and/or showering of gifts after this panel.  However,
I’m guessing that would have to be outside the panel room.

If you really want to get together with me during the convention,
your best bet is to set something up in advance.  You can send me
a private message on Facebook or e-mail me.  I’ll do my level best
to accommodate you.

When I sent Giselle the schedules, she asked if I was nervous about
Comic-Con.  I responded that I was freaking terrified.  She assured
me that I would be terrific, which wasn’t my concern.  I’m either
going to be a wonderful panelist or not.  I’ve been both of those
over my 41 years in comics and I expect to be both of those in the
years to come, It comes with the territory.

What concerns me is the sheer size of Comic-Con and the stamina it
will require of me.  I think I’m up to it.  More correctly, I hope
I’m up to it. I guess I’ll find out soon.

Come back tomorrow for more Comic-Con talk.

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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  1. Wish I could make the Thursday night panel, but already have plans with my step-daughter, Kristina & her partner.

    I haven't done more than skim the schedules but the ones that Mark does are pretty much required in my book.

    I have also found that going early for a panel you want to see, can be a great way to catch part of a panel you had not intended to view but find entertaining. Plus, it's a great way to ensure yourself a good seat for the panel you wanted to see to begin with.