Monday, July 8, 2013


Recently out from Anthony Tollin’s Sanctum Books is The Whisperer
#6: “The Satanic Seven” & “The Lost Face Murders”
[$14.95].  These
two pulp-magazine novels were written by Laurence Donovan writing
as Clifford Goodrich.

After Doc Savage, the Whisperer is my favorite pulp-adventurer.  He
is Commissioner James Gordon - familiar name that - and he’s this
short, feisty two-fisted cop prone to occasionally punching out his
politically-connected deputy commissioner and defying any authority
that gets between him and justice.  With appliances to disguise his
features and voice, Gordon becomes the “criminal” mastermind known
to the world as the Whisperer.  I love this character and, as I’ve
noted previously, I could be this character.

Besides the two Whisperer novels, this handsomely-made volume also
features the Golden Age comic-book debut of Norgil the Magician by
Walter Gibson and Vernon Green and new historical essays by Tollin
and Will Murray.  As with all Sanctum Books volumes - Doc Savage,
The Shadow and others - the double novels are entertaining journeys
into the heroic fiction of the pulp era.  They’re wonderful books
and I regularly despair I might never get around to reading all of
them.  What I can do is let you know about the new releases as they
appear.  More Sanctum Books news to come.

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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