Sunday, January 25, 2015


I will be almost entirely offline this week as I finish several projects. But I want to thank my faithful anonymous (and thus cowardly) troll for reminding me of all the successes I have had in my career through his delusional and pathological hatred of me. His identity has been known to me for some time, but he simply hasn't been worth any effort on my part...until now.

I've never made a secret of my problems with depression. It's been hitting me very hard over the past twelve months and it hit even harder starting with the passing of my father in October of last year.  

I fight my depression with the love and support of my family, friends and readers. I do have readers, you see, a joy my faithful troll will never know. Indeed, judging from the stats on this bloggy thing even when I'm on break from it, I have a lot of readers.

I'm sure the troll's latest attempt to post on this blog was his hoping to hit me while I was down. That is and always has been the way of the coward. What he accomplished was to remind me of my many successes - he has none of his own - and of all the future successes ahead of me.  I am recharged and back at work.

I lost quite a bit of ground these past few months, which is why my online presence will be next to nonexistent for the next several days. I will return as soon as possible and, among other things, I''ll announce some of my 2015 convention appearances - I wonder how many conventions my faithful troll gets invited to - and bringing you more bloggy thing fun than ever before.

Once again, my thanks to my ever-so-faithful troll. I know your life is devoid of happiness and any meaning - all your own doing - but you have inspired me. Maybe some day you will find a shred of joy to warm your cold and lonely existence. 

Probably not, but I would never wish your miserable life on any creature. Not even you.



  1. Since you haven't designated this a No-Comment Zone, I'm going to just dive in.

    First off, no need to reply to this one, EVER. Your plate is full enough. Last thing I want to do is add to your load.

    I probably mentioned this, but in case I didn't in one of my earlier missives to you, I lost my own Brother this past November. It was cancer, we've known it was coming for years, and it didn't matter. It hit us all like a freight train. Loudon Wainwright III characterized it as 'horrible but expected news'.

    I have worked in Home Health and Hospice for eight years (after caring for my own mother who suffered with dementia four years previous to that), and I will tell you that it is NEVER easy.

    Grief has its own timetable, and it's different for everyone. I hope that you take every second you need to mourn, and that you do it without guilt. This is one of the few occasions in life when you are entitled to be completely selfish.

    Speaking as a fan of your work (both in comics and with your online presence), I'll be glad to read whatever you write whenever it appears.

    Best of luck, Sir! I don't pray, but you're in my thoughts.

  2. As a person who continues to struggle with depression, I want to express my deep sense of compassion for you and your loved ones. Depression is difficult at the best of times and the stress you're currently under only makes it worse. Please know that there are many of us out here who are pulling for you and who are appreciative of the joy you've given us over the years in your comic book writing, blogging, and just over-all-swell guyness.

  3. I agree and hugs to you all, electronically.