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From Sanctum Books...

Doc Savage #84: The Men Vanished & Death in Small Houses [September 2015; $14.95] reprints two Doc novels by Lester Dent and William G. Bogart, both writing as Kenneth Robeson. Looking at the two novels first...

Dent’s The Men Vanished first appeared in the December 1940 issue of Doc Savage Magazine. Here’s the back cover blurb:

Doc and Patricia Savage mount a rescue expedition to the unexplored Amazon after seven of the world’s greatest explorers mysteriously disappear!

Bogart’s Death in Small Houses is one of four Doc novels written by the author. The story is from the October 1946 issue of Doc Savage Magazine. From the back cover:

The Man of Bronze seeks to learn why bizarre bearded hermits are stealing portions of postwar model homes and why a lady trucker has been marked for death!

There are several bonus features in the volume. “Doc Savage and His Aides” is a two-page reprint from the original pulp magazines that show head shots of the characters and provide quick information on them. Will Murray’s “Intermission” reveals the back stories of the two reprinted novels.

Publisher Anthony Tollin’s “Nick Carter in the Comics” leads into the 10-page “Nick Carter Accused!” The comics story first appeared in the March 1949 issue of Shadow Comics. It’s drawn by Bob Powell with assistance from his studio and written by Bruce Elliott.

Murray’s one-page article - “The Men Behind Doc Savage” - presents short biographies of Dent and Bogart. Sanctum Books always delivers great bang for your reading buck. I highly recommend their books. Check them out.

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