Saturday, December 24, 2016


Alter Ego #144 [January 2017; $8.95] is the “Aces High” issue of my favorite magazine of comics history. The cover spotlights “The Far-Flying Heroes of the Golden Age Ace Comics”: Magno, Lash Lightning, the Raven, Unknown Solider, Vulcan, the Flag, Mr. Risk and Captain Courageous. Inside the issue, long-time comics fan and historian Mark Carlson-Ghost writes about these heroes.

Also in the issue, comics editor Bill Harris is interviewed by Rich Arndt, comics creator Michael T. Gilbert writes about his fanzine years, Earl Blair Jr. Remembers G.B. Love and Houston Fandom and, in the Fawcett Collectors of America section, Brian Cremins has a piece on Captain Marvel’s mot controversial supporting character.

Alter Ego is always aces in my book. Check it out.

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