Thursday, December 22, 2016


I'm 65...and I started writing a cool reflective bloggy thing about reaching that advanced age. This was before the shit hit the fan. This was before I realized this Christmas had well and truly gotten away from me. However, with the wisdom that comes with reaching my advanced age, I understand that shit does happen and, sometimes, all you can do is tread carefully.

As time permits, there will be short bloggy things until I return to full-scale blogging on January 1. The New Year's bloggy things will include that reflective piece mentioned above as well as all my usual news, views and reviews. 

The "War on Christmas 2016" reviews will appear. Yes, they won't be running in 2016, but I believe we should keep Christmas in our hearts all years long...even if those hearts are being ripped out of our bodies by an evil Santa Claus or three.

You can look forward to many more installments of Rawhide Kid Wednesday, as well as my series on comics from July 1963, my OC (Old Comics) series and my series on 1990s Marvel Comics debuts. My "Citizen Tony" series will return.

I'll be posting my 2017 convention schedule in early January. Then, as the year progresses, I'll bring you my reports on those conventions.

On this birthday, I am grateful for my ever-patient family, friends, colleagues and readers. Your Christmas cards and gifts will go out before the end of the year. If I owe you responses to emails, requests and whatever, I'm going to do my best to get those out before the end of the year as well. Realistically, some of these will not get out until sometime in January.

I'm excited about starting a new year of my life. I have a great family. I have work I love. I'm in pretty good health. If I have to face challenges in the world of 2017 and beyond, I think I'm ready to meet them. 

I'm still standing. For myself and, I hope, for everyone else who needs me to stand for them. There will be obstacles to our continued progress, but we will meet them. 

There can be no turning back. Always forward.

Always forward.

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  1. Happy Birthday, sir! As early as the '70s, your comics writing marked you as a rare humanist in an industry wed to formula mayhem. I always brighten when I see your name in the credits, and continue to relish your commentary here and look forward to more fine comics stories. Happy New Year, Tony!