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The Master of Darkness confronts international intrigue in a pair of thrilling espionage novels. That’s what you can expect from The Shadow #103: The Romanoff Jewels and Crime Under Cover [January  2016; $14.95]. Both of the novels are by Walter B. Gibson, writing as Maxwell Grant.

The Romanoff Jewels hails from The Shadow Magazine dated December 1, 1932 issue:

The Shadow journeys to Moscow and Paris to undermine a Bolshevik conspiracy to seize The Romanoff Jewels in one of Walter Gibson’s most acclaimed novels!

Crime Under Cover is from The Shadow Magazine for June 1, 1941:

The Dark Avenger is summoned to Washington to prevent a hidden spy master from acquiring the Neutralizer, the ultimate weapon of war.

Sanctum Books publisher Anthony Tollin has packed this volume with spycraft-related extras. In “The Shadow’s Impossible Mission,” he explores the uncanny similarities between these Shadow novels and TV’s Mission: Impossible.

“Interlude” by Will Murray is another of the author and historian’s informative essays giving the background of the reprinted novels. Career counterintelligence officer Tim King writes on “Spycraft and the Shadow.” There’s also a short bio of Gibson.

The front cover art is by George Rozen. Back cover art is by Rozen and Graves Gladney. Interior illustrations are by Tom Lovell, Paul Orban, Edd Cartier and Michael Wm. Kaluta. As always, Sanctum Books gives you big bang for your bucks.

ISBN 978-1-60877-198-1

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