Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Come aboard, me hearties. This be the good ship Vast Accumulation of Stuff, setting a course for my Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sale. There be a lot of bargain-priced booty on my tables and you are most welcome to buy as much of it as you desire.

The Phantom just texted to tell me to knock off the pirate stuff. Apparently, the Ghost Who Walks also know what I write before I do. As the old jungle saying goes, “When the Phantom texts, you’d best be knocking off the foolishness.” This particular old jungle saying seems to lose something in the translation.

This garage sale will take place Friday and Saturday, June 28-29, at 840 Damon Drive in Medina, Ohio. The sale hours are my standard 9am to 1pm. This will be my last garage sale until I get back from San Diego’s Comic-Con and recover from said event. Figure the next garage sale after this one will be the last weekend in July.

I’m writing this blog entry on Monday afternoon. Things are going well. I have five of my highly sought after $10 mystery boxes all packed and ready to go. I hope to have several more ready before I open the garage door on Friday morning.

I’ve added a few hundred new items to the sale while reducing the prices on a few dozen other items. I’ll be cutting out one quarter box and one dollar comics box to make room for more oversized trade paperbacks and hardcovers and another collectible phone or three.

My “fifty cents” table will have lots of new books and manga on it. When stuff doesn’t sell over a sale or two, I pull it for inclusion in the mystery boxes or reduce the price on it. The aim is to sell as much as possible. Downsizing.

One cautionary note. I don’t haggle. You may want to believe that everything is negotiable, but it isn’t. Haggling annoys me. Heck, I’m thinking of raising the price on one item because the would-be haggler wasted my time with multiple e-mails.

I’ll have the usual Isabella books and comics, but I won’t have a dedicated box of my older Isabella-written comics. I’m organizing those and won’t be selling them until I’m sure I have decent file copies of everything I’ve written. I’m hoping to have a box of my older work before the end of the garage sale season.

I’ll also have the usual posters, but, after this sale, I will be taking off sale the spiffy double-sided Superman poster I conceived for Cleveland’s 1988 International Superman Exposition. The poster has sold for very high prices. I’m going to give my customers one more chance to buy them at the existing $20 price. Then they will be pulled for auction.

I’m feeling pretty good about what will be available for sale this weekend. If all has gone as planned, my son Ed and I will pay a visit to my secret Fortress of Storage. The plan is to look for a nice box of older comics, a few more collectible phones and some odds and ends that can go into mystery boxes. I’ll also be going through some of the storage areas in my house to see what other cool stuff I can excavate for the sale.

One last note. I sign comics and other Isabella items free at these garage sale. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just bought the items from me or if you’re bringing them from your collection. Unless you’re a dick, I’ll sign them without charge.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend. We’re gonna have a good time.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.   

© 2019 Tony Isabella

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  1. It's lucky (for me) you live so far away. If I were to come to your sale I'd be sweeping items off the table into a bag with my forearm while the other customers looked on thinking "What a jerk!" No one wants to be thought of as a jerk.

    Since the sale is in full swing as I write this, and you won't read it until after, I'll just say I hope it was a lucrative day.