Thursday, December 23, 2021



DON'T GO TO CHURCH! Let's get real here. The pandemic is still strong. The most likely people to be unvaccinated are right-wing and religious zealots...and the churches will be filled with them. Packed in tightly. Likely not wearing masks.

Your god(s) will still love you if you don't put yourself in peril. You can watch Christmas services online or on television. I doubt they will heed my request, but I would ask my family to stay out of what will certainly be super-spreader events. 
I feel the same way about some other events as well, but this church thing is uppermost in my mind right now. The best way to worship and honor your god(s) is to do unto others. Support charitable causes. Vote for leaders who are more concerned with the needs of the people than the bank accounts of the rich and the powerful. Demand that science and history and the arts not be censored by those who find such things inconsistent with their political agendas. 
Science enriches our lives in countless ways. Accurate history is necessary for our understanding of the past and our forward progress. The arts must be allowed to challenge our worldview and foster individual expression.
My Christmas wish is that 2022 sees the forces of darkness (as so clearly seen in the actions of the former treasonous president and his criminal Republican Party) give way to the lights of compassion, reason and truth. We can be a great people, but we have to want to be a great people.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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  1. We have a small congregation of about 15 people where I go to church. Social distancing out of necessity as a result. No Christmas Eve service, though, as the next service is Sunday.

    As for 2022, the former president is still in denial, and the long con will continue, unfortunately, until they put the full court press on him and send his legal weasels off to law school, since they don't know what they're talking about.