Tuesday, June 25, 2013


ust out from Anthony Tollin’s Sanctum Books is Doc Savage #67:
“The Invisible-Box Murders” & “Target for Death”
[$14.95].  Written
by Lester Dent, the first of the novels finds Doc accused of serial
murders, leaving his cousin Pat Savage and his aides to ferret out
the deadly secret behind the murders.  The story originally ran in
a 1941 issue of Doc Savage Magazine.

“Target for Death” is by William G. Bogart and sends Doc Savage and
his men to Honolulu.  It’s from 1947.

In addition to Will Murray’s usual and wonderful historical essays,
this issue also features Dent’s “The Hang String,” a short story
from a 1933 issues of The Shadow Magazine

As with other Sanctum Books editions - The Avenger, The Shadow and
others - these Doc Savage double novels are entertaining journeys
into the heroic fiction of the pulp era.  They’re wonderfully made
books and I regularly despair I might never get around to reading
all of them.  But what I can and will do is let you know about the
new releases as they appear.  More Sanctum Books news is on the

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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