Tuesday, September 3, 2019


The short answer to our title question is...probably not. I still have this vast accumulation of stuff I want to sell before Saintly Wife Barb retires and we can start fighting about where we want to move. In alphabetical order, my current top choices:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Carson City, Nevada
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Pensacola, Florida

My final garage sale of the year will be held  Friday and Saturday, September 6-7. It will be held at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio. Because this is my final garage sale of the year, I’m extending my usual hours. I’m determined to make it easier for as many fans as possible to take advantage of this sale.

Friday, September 6: 9am to 1pm, and 3pm to 7pm.

Saturday, September 7: 9am to 1pm, and 3pm to 7pm.

By appointment, I am also willing to open on Sunday, September 8. The same appointment policy holds true for Monday through Thursday, September 9-13. To set up these appointments, you have to e-mail me or text me via my cell phone number. If you already have my cell phone number, you will be able to text me. If not, you’ll need to e-mail me. If you have my old land line number, it won’t do you any good. I unplugged that line due to excessive scam and spam callers.

This last garage sale of 2019 is going to be somewhat different than previous sales. I am determined to sell as much of my existing stock as humanly possible. So I’ll be making more $10 mystery boxes than I have ever made before.

If you’ve come to my sales, you know I always have had from seven to ten boxes of comic books priced at a dollar. You won’t see those dollar boxes at this last sale because I’ve magically transformed them into quarter boxes. Even I can’t believe the amazing bargains to be found in these quarter boxes.

However, I must caution you. I already have an out-of-state offer for these boxes that includes shipping charges. If you don’t scoop up these books at this final garage sale of the year, you will not be able to buy them from me next year. My plan is to have all new dollar boxes in 2020.

I’ll have my usual Isabella-associated books and posters available. As always, I sign Isabella stuff for free at my garage sale. For those of you who can’t make it to my garage sale, I hope to launch a Tony Isabella store before the end of the month.

I’ll be lowering the prices on most other items for this last sale of the year. I may not get to the older comics, but there is a way for you to cut the price on those as well. Basically, you need to buy a bunch of stuff.

For every fifty dollars you spend, not including the mystery boxes, you’ll get five dollars off. Spend a hundred bucks and you get ten dollars off. You can do the math yourself for larger amounts. Not to worry, there won’t be a quiz.

Will there be new stuff at this garage sale? Though my priority is to sell what’s already there, I will have some new stuff. How much depends on how quickly I can get all the above in place. My son Ed and I did make a trip to the Fortress of Storage this weekend. I’m going to try to price as much of what we brought back as possible.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be back soon with more bloggy thing news, views and reviews.

© 2019 Tony Isabella


  1. I started my summer visiting your VAoS garage sale and by God I will end my summer the same way. And I'm bringing a stack of Hawkmans for you to sign!

  2. I'm going to drop by and busy some things for my collection and bring some friends.