Monday, September 23, 2019


Black Lightning fans. I've just launched TONY ISABELLA'S AUTHENTIC BLACK LIGHTNING GROUP on Facebook.

This group is dedicated to authentic portrayals of Black Lightning, the iconic super-hero created by Tony Isabella. At present, you can only find authentic portrayals of Black Lightning in Tony’s comics stories and the TV series airing on the CW. This doesn’t mean the group won’t discuss other aspects of the character, but the focus will always be on the portrayals noted above.

This group will always be in progress. We will add new features as inspiration and time allows. There will be many opportunities for you to participate. Only members will be allowed to post. 

While we develop our membership rules, no one will be booted from the list except in extreme circumstances. However, posts that are deemed inappropriate will be deleted by our administrators.

Keep watching for posts from Tony and the administrators. We hope to add material daily. Thanks for joining.

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