Friday, June 21, 2013


My Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sale continues Saturday, June
22, at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio.  Sale hours are 9 am to 2 pm
each day.

Here is the final update for this weekend:

Saturday’s weather is looking good up until around 1 pm.  Should we
actually get the isolated thunderstorms that are being “predicted,”
I might close the sale an hour early.

This brings me to an announcement that’s long overdue.  For all of
my future garage sales, the hours will be 9 am to 1 pm.  The vast
majority of my sales always come in the first hour.  It falls off
for the second hour and really falls off for the third and fourth
hours.  More often than not, the sale gets no customers during that
fifth and last hour.  Knocking two hours off the two-day sale means
I can make an extra trip to the Fortress of Storage between Friday
and Saturday or write something for this bloggy thing of mine.  Or
even goof off for an hour, something which would probably be good
for me. That said...

Because pretty much everything from my waist down was hurting after
Friday’s sale, I didn’t do a major restocking.  However, I did add
around 600 comics to the quarter comic boxes.  Some of the titles
I added - and I’m talking runs of these titles - were Adventures of
Superman, Aquaman, Azrael, The Authority
and Batgirl.  I also added
25-50 Archie comics to my “suitable for all ages” boxes.

Yesterday, I sold four of the seven $5 mystery boxes I’d prepared
for this weekend’s sale.  I made one more mystery boxes before it
got too hot in my garage.  I am a frail old man, though I can still
kick more ass than seems humanly possible.

I added two dozen or so hardcovers and trade paperbacks to those
boxes...and a dozen or so paperbacks to that table.  I still have
a very nice selection of Superman merchandise and that’s going to
be getting nicer as I research the other rare Superman items that
have started turning up in my trips to the Fortress.

My biggest thrill of Friday’s sale was seeing very happy customers
walking away with a lot of great comics and books.  It was also fun
watching people walk by the mystery boxes, stop cold, look at them
with a combination of excitement and fear and then take the gamble
and buy one.  I hope the customers who bought them have as much fun
with the boxes as I did putting them together.

I had three outside tables on Friday.  One for the mystery boxes,
one for stuffed animals and one for VHS tapes.  No one even looked
at the stuffed animals and no one bought any of the tapes.  Since
I have a place for the mystery boxes inside the garage, I won’t be
setting up any outside tables for Saturday.  I’ll try to figure out
something cool for them for the next sale.

After Saturday, the next garage sale will be Friday and Saturday,
July 5-6, from 9 am to 1 pm.  I expect to put together several more
mystery boxes and do some major restocking.  Look for garage sale
updates starting around July 1.

Have a great day and thanks for your patronage.

Tony Isabella 


  1. "Frail old man"?! Do we just call you FOM from now on?

  2. I remember back in the late 80's (or was it early 90's,) i was at a small comic convention in Erie PA. I bought a comic from a cheap bin. I remember there was a sign on the table with your name. I thought you were just some random comic book dealer selling some books. After I got home, I opened the book to read it, lo and behold, your name was in the credits as writer ( for the life of me, I can't remember what comic it was). I remember feeling embarrassed that I didn't know you were a writer and that I could have had you sign the book I bought. After that I followed your career a bit and became a fan if your work. Thanks for putting out some great stuff! Just thought I'd share this little story.