Monday, August 13, 2012


There will be many tributes to Joe Kubert.  Many of them will be by family members and friends who knew and loved him well.  Many will be by comics fans and historians who loved his work.  I don't think I can add much to this outpouring of admiration for one of the greatest comics creators of all time.

But I loved his work from the moment I saw it on Hawkman and Sgt. Rock.  The more I saw of his work on other features and in other genres, the more I loved it.

Kubert's lifetime of accomplishments is staggering to consider.  All those great comics.  His work on the Tales of the Green Beret newspaper strip.  His work on PS Magazine for the military.  His school and all the wonderful comics creators who passed through its halls.

What made me admire Kubert even more was his ability, right to the end of his life, to create comic books and graphic novels that were every bit as good and, in the case of Yossel, better than even the incredible comics he had done in the past.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to tell him how much I loved Yossel when he was a guest at a Mid-Ohio-Con.

My condolences to Kubert's family and friends and, of course, to all of those who, like me, cherished his work.  He will be missed, but never forgotten. 

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