Friday, June 14, 2013


Courtesy of Bob Hoskins and my good friends at Stormwatch Comics in
West Berlin, New Jersey, I have all of the 2013 Free Comic Book Day
giveaways.  As a supplement to the bloggy thing, I’ll be reviewing
them one by one.

Rebellion’s 2000 AD is an impressive showcase for the long-running
British weekly that changed the face of British comics and, to be
honest, American comics as well.  The 48-page magazine includes two
Judge Dredd stories.  “The Jimps Club” by Matt Smith and artist Ben
Willsher tells of thrill-seeking Judge impersonators.  One of the
strengths of the Judge Dredd series is how its writers find so many
new and fascinating corners of Mega-City One to explore.  A second
Dredd tale - “Alien Wedding” - by John Wagner and Cam Kennedy looks
at the disconnect between alien customer and Mega-City law.  Both
are excellent introductions to Judge Dredd’s world.

Dredd is almost always the best strip in any issue of 2000 AD, but
I’ve always loved the variety to be found in the weekly.  In this
Free Comic Book Day special, the other features include:

“Indigo Prime” (adventures in the Multiverse with agents trying to
keep reality in general from becoming unstable);

“DR & Quinch” (alien juvenile delinquents);

“The Visible Man” (an espionage science-fiction strip from early in
2000 AD’s history); and

“Insurrection,” in which a mining colony, ignored by Mega-City One
in its hour of need, has declared its independence.

Contributors include Andy Diggle, Al Ewing, Henry Flint, Pat Mills
and others.

Given how many stripes appear and have appeared in 2000 AD over the
decades, I think this FCBD special does a fine job of acquainting
potential new readers with the magazine.

Keep watching for more Free Comic Book Day reviews.

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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