Saturday, July 14, 2018


The bloggy thing will be back up and running with new content in a day or so. Some medical matters left me too exhausted to manage anything other than my garage sales. I'm doing fine now. No need for concern. I'll live to dance and piss on the graves of my enemies.

I will NOT be at Comic-Con International this year. If you get a moment with the Black Lightning TV folks (show runners, writers, actors), please tell them how much I love them. I mean, they already know how much I love them, but tell them again. The same holds true for Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands editors Jim Chadwick and Harvey Richards. Please feel free to let anyone else at DC (or elsewhere) who might be interested in working with me that you'd love to see more Tony Isabella comic books.

For that matter, feel free to report online that I WAS at the convention...that I was the nicest comics creator you've ever met...and that, after meeting me, you couldn't help yourself from fantasizing about me. Because you know that would totally happen if I were at the convention.

Best of everything to my friends and readers. I love you all madly.


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