Monday, August 5, 2019


I'm going to do one more garage sale this summer and I hope to make it as spectacular as possible with more mystery boxes than my previous sales and lowered prices on a great many items.

But, before I decide on the date, I'd like some feedback from those of you who come to my garage sale.

My two possible weekends are August 23-24 and August 30-31. The later date would allow me to make more mystery boxes and add more items to the sales. Which would you prefer?

My under consideration plan is to run these garage sales from 9 am to 5 pm. Which is twice as long as my normal hours. Would those hours make it more likely you could come to the sales.

I'm thinking of adding a third day to the sale. If I do the earlier date, it would have to be the Sunday. If I do the later date, the third date could be Thursday or Sunday. Which is better for you?

I'll be posting this on Facebook and elsewhere. If you respond to it on this bloggy thing, be aware I have to approve your response before it appears. Which I'll do as swiftly as possible.

You can also e-mail me.


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