Friday, August 30, 2019


To my dear bloggy friends...

I've been dealing with a number of issues of late, but am working my way through them. None od them are life-threatening or even life-altering...with the possible exception of a Dumpster President who seems determined to do as much damage to the environment, our country and the world before he's voted out of office and, shortly thereafter, sent to prison for the rest of his hopefully miserable life. But I digress.

I owe a bunch of people responses to e-mails and more. I don't think I've forgotten any of you. I have this list I'm working through. But, just in case, your e-mail got lost in the crazy mix that is my life, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience.

I'll be back on Sunday with the list of things that made me happy this month. That will be followed by my long-awaited (Hah!) review of The VeliciPastor and that will be followed by a mix of comics convention reports and other things. I literally have a half-dozen bloggy things in various stages of completion. 

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Enjoy your weekend. See you soon.

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