Tuesday, August 17, 2021


I have a lot of thinking to do as I work my way out of the funk I'm in. I'm taking the rest of today off. Tomorrow, I'll be dealing with everything that needs to be done before I leave for Fanboy Expo Orlando.

When I return from Orlando, I'm going to concentrate on finishing two projects I should have already completed. That will take me to the end of the month.
Somewhere during those days, I'll post a "State of the Tony" bloggy thing. Just to let my people know where my head is at and what I am hoping to do in the months to come.
I've not been able to get a grip on my garage sales. They're good, very good, but they are not great. I am only going to be doing two more of them this year: September 10-11 and September 24-25. In 2022, I'm shooting for great every time out.
September will be the month when I decide what projects I most want to do and work on them. If you are looking to hire me for a paying gig, that's when you should make your move.
Requests for convention appearances, interviews and podcasts should be sent to me at tonyisa at ohio dot net. I won't schedule any convention appearances before February 2022...unless you literally make me an offer too good to turn down. Interviews and podcast will be scheduled for October.
For all the things I love about comics and even the comics industry, I'm sick of comics industry bullshit. I'm sick of seeing talented folks treated badly or ignored. I'm sick of the bigotry against creators of color, creators from the LGBTQ+ communities. I sick of the ageism. I'm sick of creators not being fairly compensated for the billions publishers have accrued through the hard work of those creators. 
I'll have more to say in the weeks to come.

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  1. I am always sad to hear you are in a funk, not only because this delays your blogs, but mostly because you seem like a generally positive person. Having lost a child a bit over three years ago, I know what funks are all about and how incontrlable they are. I send you a big virtual hug and my hopes for better days. Don't let the fuckers get you down.

    Harry Tzvi Keusch