Saturday, August 10, 2013


My Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sale continues today and will
continue tomorrow [Sunday, August 11] at 840 Damon Drive in Medina,
Ohio.  My sale hours are 9 am to 1 pm both days. If this three-day
experiment succeeds, I’ll continue holding three-day sales.

After Friday’s sale, I went to the Fortress of Storage and returned
with ten boxes.  I went through them and, as a result, I completely
filled the comics boxes from Friday’s sale and even added one more
comics box.  There are many terrific comics among these additions,
including a good run of Dark Horse Presents.

I added a bunch of hardcovers and trade paperbacks to those boxes.
I think today’s customers will be amazed by what’s there. 

I added a bunch of mass market paperbacks to that table.  So many
that they are now stacked two or three deep.

The weather predictions for today are for partly sunny/sunny skies
with temperatures between 67 and 75 degrees.  That’s good weather
for a garage sale.

Friday’s results were good, but below my modest expectations.  I’m
seeing a pattern in sales that will probably result in a change in
my sale hours.  The first hour is great, the second okay, the third
and fourth are flat.  With so many projects and obligations before
me, I have to be protective of my time and energy.

It’s almost a certainty that, going forward, my garage sale hours
will be reduced to 9 am to noon.  Recognizing this might deter some
customers, I’m experimenting with Sunday hours.  Should my Sunday
sales not reward that experiment, I won’t repeat that experiment.
But I am looking into other ways to accommodate customers who
can’t make it to my sales before noon.  

Some of my online friends have asked about mail order.  Currently,
I plan to resume online sales through this blog once I wrap up the
summer’s garage sales.  It’s not cost-effective or time-effective
for me to sell items online at garage sale prices or to sell garage
sale mystery boxes for less than $40 (including postage).  But my
online friends will have an opportunity to buy some amazing stuff
before I offer it on eBay.

Despite all the cold business talk, I do enjoy these garage sales.
There is something very cool about seeing customers walk away with
a huge stack of items and smiles on their faces.  I thank them for
their patronage.

I’ll have more to say about garage sales to come in the very near
future.  Look for another update on Sunday.

Tony Isabella 

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