Thursday, February 2, 2017


Happy is something we will have to fight for in 2017. I have never seen a more deplorable President in my lifetime. I have never seen so many Nazis welcomed into our government and given positions of influence and actual power. I have never seen such vicious assaults on common decency, the common good, and the traditional compassion, generosity and tolerance of the American people.  

However...even as many good and intelligent people continue to fight for justice against the Peewee Cheeto regime...I think it’s important to also recognize the people, events and creations that bring joy to our lives in this and other times of adversity. Every day, on my Facebook page and on Twitter, I remind myself of these blessings in a segment I call “Things That Make Me Happy.”

At the end of each month, for my bloggy thing readers who might not be following me on Facebook or Twitter, I collect the items posted during that month. Here’s what I posted in January...

January 1: TGI2017! Though there are many challenges ahead of us in the new year, I’m glad to be done with 2016.

January 2: Hanky panky. Meat, cheese, seasonings, pumpernickel or rye bread. We make these tasty treats every New Year’s Day. I love ‘em.

January 3: The CW/DC’s Greg Berlanti for so many reasons and with congratulations on his engagement.

January 4: ABC’s To Tell the Truth. It’s good goofy fun. I even get a kick out of host Anthony Anderson’s mom.

January 5: The Dennis the Menace comic books of the late 1950s and early 1960s. We need more reprints of those.

January 6: The life-affirming and progress-promoting anthem that is Hairspray’s “Can’t Stop the Beat.”

January 7: Planned Parenthood. Provided vital health care services to women since 1916. #IstandWithPP

January 8: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), whose stated mission is "to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” It has been doing this necessary work since 1920 and is needed today more than ever. I am proud to be a member.

January 9: Meryl Streep. Because artists must always speak truth to power and power’s moronic supporters.

January 10: Southern Poverty Law Center. Fighting for civil rights and the public interest since 1971. Republicans want to remove its non-profit status, one more reason to support it.

January 11: President Obama’s amazing farewell address, a blueprint for what an American leader should be. I hope our choices in 2018 and 2020 reflect that.

January 12: The NAACP. Mission: “the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.” I am now a proud member of this 108-year-old organization.

January 13: The OutServe-SLDN. It provides free and direct legal assistance to LGTB service members and veterans worldwide. I made my first donation to the organization this week.

January 14: My latest DC Legion of Collections box. What’s not to love about a Krypto t-shirt and 1960s Batman and Robin salt and pepper shakers?

January 15: Fatwa. Created by and starring Aasif Mandvi, it’s a new Showtime sitcom about a down-on-his-luck cartoonist whose life gets better after a fatwa is declared against him. I’m looking forward to it.

January 16: I have a hot date for Pensacon 2017. Sainted Wife Barb will be joining me at the Florida convention.

January 17: Roy Wood Jr.’s amazing Steve Harvey impersonation on The Daily Show. So brilliant!

January 18: Love is Love. Both the sentiment and the inspirational comics anthology for the survivors of the Orlando Pulse shooting.

January 19: DC’s Powerless. The official trailer made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to the series, which will made its debut tonight on NBC.

January 20: The pleasant young ladies at the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles, especially the one who was so sweet suggesting the color of my hair was now gray.

January 21: The Daily Show Inauguration Day Special. The laughs I needed and a hilarious musical number.

January 22: Here’s to the ladies who march and all those who love and support them.

January 23: Chuck Todd and Merriam-Webster calling out deplorable Kellyanne Conway on her “alternative facts” bullshit.

January 24: A family member’s release from prison after serving a too-long sentence for a non-violent white collar crime.

January 25: Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed Prelude arrived yesterday. Looking forward to reading and reviewing it.

January 26: TEAM BLACK LIGHTNING THE TV SHOW. This closed Facebook group is just getting started. Check it out.

January 27: Barb’s annual cruise with her friends. No one deserves or needs a vacation more.

January 28: Passionate fans who can express their passion without being angry or insulting towards others.

January 29: Marvel’s Defenders on Netflix. I know I’m being unfair to Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix, which will air first and which I am also looking forward to, but I’m just pumped seeing promotional photos of Luke, Jessica, Matt and Danny all together.

January 30: Christopher Walken as King Louie in The Jungle Book. The whole movie was fun, but Walken was special. As he so frequently is.

January 31: The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland, which is celebrating 40 years of community and service.

Keep looking for that brightness in your lives, my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2017 Tony Isabella


  1. It is hard to stay cheery with that Alec Baldwin impersonator in the White House. The thing that made my day today was Arnold's reply to Trump's "Prayer Breakfast" rant.

  2. Just got the word about the Black Lightning TV series. Sounds like Fox's pass is everyone's gain. Now there's the possibility that Jeff will be cavorting about with Barry, Ollie, Kara, Clarkie, and all the other cool kids on the CW. Praying this comes about quickly.

    1. And now the pilot order! Good times, my friend....