Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I made an appointment to see a doctor today, following a weekend episode in which I had a number of sharp pains in my upper right torso within a half-hour.  I'd had this pain before.  It lasts a second or so and never seemed to me to be anything other than a muscle pain of some sort.  The only reason I made the appointment was because of the multiple incidents of the pain in such a short period of time.  After making the appointment, there were only one or two singular incidents between then and today.  I went with the "better safe than sorry" option and went to the appointment.

The good news is that I have the body and health of a younger man.  The bad news is that he wants them back.  Drum roll.  Rim shot.


I seem to be in pretty good shape.  My blood pressure is way down, which I attribute to removing much stress from my life and to my energetic schedule.  My heart and lungs are peachy keen. 

My thanks to Doc Armao and the Kaiser Permanente Medina crew for being so good at what they do.  I found them efficient and friendly and very helpful with the medical stuff I needed to know. 

Not to get too political here, but one of the reasons I'm in such good health is because I have a terrific health care plan.  It's a plan that will not be diminished one whit because of Obamacare and would not have been diminished if our country had the health care system a nation of our size and power should have. 

I'm appalled that so many of my fellow citizens, though, thank God, fewer than before we elected President Obama, don't have the health care I have...and I am furious at the Republican, Tea Party and other asshats who would deny that health care to my less fortunate fellow citizens.

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