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Monday usually means new items for my ongoing Vast Accumulation of
sale, but not this Monday.  Sales have been very slow in this
new year and, for that reason, I’m simply going to re-list the sale
items from the past two weeks.  I have lowered some of the prices,
but not all of them.  Sell or not, many of these items will not be
part of my next online sale.

Here’s how my VAOS sales work...

First come, first serve. In other words, the quicker you e-mail me,
the better your chance of getting the item or items.  Only e-mail
orders will be accepted and you should not send payment until you
get a confirmation e-mail from me.  All listed items are in good or
better condition unless otherwise noted. 

Let me stress that “e-mail only” rule.  Most of the few mistakes I
have made in assembling/shipping orders have happened with orders
I accepted via phone or Facebook message.  So...I’m not gonna break
my own rule anymore.

You should always include your mailing address with your orders.
That speeds up the packaging and the shipping.

Items will be shipped via United States Postal Service.  There is
a $5 shipping/handling charge for up to four items via media mail.
Add $1 for every two additional items.  The charge helps defray my

Payments are by check, money order or PayPal.  My PayPal address is
the same as my email address.  Purchases will be shipped within a
week of checks clearing,  money orders received or PayPal payments

Because this is a one-man operation done between family, household
and work responsibilities, these items are only available to buyers
within the United States and to APO buyers.

When you receive your order, please check it and let me know of any
omissions as soon as possible.  I’ll be double-checking the orders
on my end, but, if there’s a problem, I want to make it right in a
timely fashion.

This week’s sale ends when the new sale goes up on Monday, January
28. While supplies last, all orders will receive a free and signed
copy of an Isabella-written Hawkman comic book.

Here are this week’s sale items...

BACK ISSUE #8 [TwoMorrows; February 2005]. Black Super-Hero issue.Featuring a guest editorial by me. Signed on request. $6

DC COMICS PRESENTS THE FLASH #1 [DC; 2011]. “100-page Spectacular” reprinting Flash stories from Showcase #4, Showcase #14 and Flash #125, 130, 139, all pencilled by Carmine Infantino. $2

ESSENTIAL AVENGERS VOLUME 7 [Marvel; 2010]. Reprints issues #141-163, Avengers Annual #6 and Super-Villain Team-Up #9, including two issues written by me.  Signed on request.  Softcover. $20

ESSENTIAL DAREDEVIL VOLUME 5 [Marvel; 2010]. Reprints issues #102-125 and Marvel Two-In-One #3, including five issues written by me. Softcover. $20

ESSENTIAL MOON KNIGHT VOLUME 3 [Marvel; 2010]. Reprints issues #31-38, Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1-6 plus Moon Knight stories from Marvel Fanfare #39 & 38-39, Solo Avengers #3 and Marvel Super-Heroes #1, including two issues written by me. Signed on request. Softcover. $20

FLIGHT VOLUME 4 [Villard; 2007]. Softcover anthology with comics by Scott Campbell, Michael Gagne, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemier and others.  Softcover. $5 

FLIGHT VOLUME 6 [Villard; 2009]. Softcover anthology with comics by Michael Gagne, Steve Hamaker, Richard Pace and others.  Softcover. $5 

G.I. JOE VS. COBRA: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE 1982-2008 by Pablo Hidalgo [Del Rey; 2009]. Softcover. $5

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: THY KINGDOM COME PART ONE by Geoff Johns, Alex Ross and Dale Eaglesham. [DC; 2008]. Reprints issues #7-12. Softcover. $5

LALO Y LOLA/HI AND LOIS [King; 1974]. This is a flip comic book. On one side are Hi and Lois comics in English and, on the other side, the same comics in Spanish. $2

LINES OF CONTENTION: POLITICAL CARTOONS OF THE CIVIL WAR by J.G. Lewin and P.J. Huff [Collins; 2007]. Softcover. $6

LUCHA LIBRA VOLUME 1 by Bill, Gobi, Fabien M. and Jerry Frissen [Image; 2008]. 2008  Nominee for Best Humor Publication. Reprints issues #1-5. Softcover. $2

MAGUS #1-5 by Jon Price and Rebekah Isaacs [12-Gauge; 2010-2011]. “Where were you when the magic came back?” $4

MARVEL 70TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION [Marvel, 2009]. Collection of 19 stories from 1939-2007. Softcover. $10

MARVEL ADVENTURES IRON MAN: ARMORED AVENGER by Fred Van Lante and others [Marvel; 2007]. Reprints various all ages Marvel Adventures and Free Comic Book Day stories in digest format. Softcover. $2

MODERN MASTERS VOLUME 19: MIKE PLOOG by Roger Ash and Eric Nolen-Weathington  [TwoMorrows; 2008]. Softcover. $4

OFFICIAL OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #39 [Gemstone; 2009]. Cover features Captain America, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner] and is by Murphy Anderson after Alex Schomburg. Softcover. $5

OUTLAW TERRITORY VOL 1 [Image; 2009]. Anthology of western comics stories by Christian Beranek, Ivan Brandon, Joshua Hale Fialkov and others. Softcover. $8

RICHIE RICH. Four comic books featuring new and re-mastered tales Richie Rich: Rich Rescue #5, Richie Rich Gems #44, Richie Rich Gems Valentine Special and Richie Rich Gems Winter Special. $3

SPEED RACER THE NEXT GENERATION ANIMATED VOLUME 2 by various [IDW; 2008]. Digest-size adaptation of cartoon series. $1

SPIDER-MAN J: JAPANESE DAZE by Yamanaka Akira [Marvel; 2009]. All-ages digest-size softcover reprinting stories of Japanese Spider-Man from Spider-Man Family #7-12. $4

SPIDER-MAN NOIR by David Hine and Carmine DiGiandomenico [Marvel; 2009]. Softcover. $5

STAR TREK ARCHIVES VOL 2: BEST OF THE BORG by Michael Jan Friedman, Peter Krause, Paul Jenkins and Steve Erwin [IDW; 2008]. Reprints DC Star Trek The Next Generation #47-50. Softcover. $4

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE SEQUEL: THE RETURN OF STARSCREAM BY Chris Mowry and Alex Milne [IDW; 2008]. Reprints issues #1-5. Softcover. $2

X-CLUB #1-5 BY Simon Spurrier and Paul Davidson [Marvel; 2012]. $4

YOUNGBLOOD VOLUME 1: FOCUS TESTED by Joe Casey and Derec Donovan [Image; 2008]. Reprints issue #1-4 of revived series. Softcover. $2

YOUNG X-MEN: FINAL GENESIS by Marc Guggenheim and Yanick Paquette [Marvel; 2008]. Reprints issues #1-5. $4

Thanks for your patronage.

Tony Isabella

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