Saturday, October 26, 2013


Regular blogging with resume on Monday with the continuation of my
Mix 2013 comics symposium report.  Until then, you get this update
today and, tomorrow, you get an update on my last public appearance
of the year. 

Things have been crazy busy at Casa Isabella lately, but mostly in
a good way.  While this has played havoc with my daily blogging, I
think - okay, hope - I’ve got a handle on it.  Here’s what you can
expect through the rest of the year.

My Mix 2013 comics symposium report will continue and conclude on
Monday and Tuesday.  I was asked some really good questions at and
after the panel discussion on White Scripts and Black Superman, so
I want to share my answers with you. 

Wednesday and Thursday will feature my commentary on the final two
episodes of Fangasm on the Syfy Channel.  Spoiler alert: I thought
those were the best episodes of the series and they left me feeling
good about all the interns.  Indeed, if any of the interns wish to
update viewers on what they’ve been doing since the show, they are
welcome to do so here. 

Starting Friday on, I’ll be posting reviews of comic books, graphic
novels, movies and TV shows...with special emphasis on cool stuff
I think might make good holiday gifts.

Occasionally, I’ll throw in a blast from my past or commentary on
something going in the comics world or the “real” world.  There’s
a Jim Shooter sycophant joining old Flaming Pants in attempting to
rewrite history with Shooter as the hero.  Since he is spreading,
let’s be kind and call it “misinformation,” I may decide to correct
the record once again.  In going through the Vast Accumulation of
Stuff, I have found some boxes of paperwork, plots and scripts from
that period in my life.  I’m hoping some of it will have a bearing
on Shooter’s “misinformation” about me.

Between now and the end of the year, I will be involved in a huge
undertaking which involves going through every damn box of my Vast
Accumulation of Stuff.  Job one is to locate some documents I need
for a legal matter, but I’m also hoping to organize all that stuff
to make next year’s garage sales easier on me and more exciting for
my customers.  Godzilla willing, I’ll also make some real progress
on renovating my office and creating a reading room and library in
another room of Casa Isabella.

Several of you asked if I’ll be doing any mail-order sales between
now and the start of next year’s garage sales.  That depends on how
well the above undertaking goes.  I’d like to do some mail-order,
but I can’t say if and when that will happen.

As for garage sales, I hope to have one in April, one in May, then
two a month through September and maybe even into October.  You can
expect updates here and on my Facebook page.

If you miss the Rawhide Kid Wednesdays and the vintage comic-book
covers, those will return in the new year.  I may have a few other
surprises for you as well.

That about covers what I have to say today. If you have questions
about any of the above or my other writings, feel free to e-mail me
and I’ll try to respond.  If you want to know if I’m available to do
some project for you, you can also e-mail me.  I’m concentrating on
my long bucket list of things I want to write before I go kicking
that bucket, but I’m not adverse to gigs that are challenging, fun
or both. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.       

© 2013 Tony Isabella


  1. I'm looking forward to the return of the Rawhide Kid reviews. It's fun seeing what you have to say and see how they jibe with my memories of reading those comics decades ago. As I've said before I hope you'll considering going back to review titles like Sgt. Fury and other non-superhero books from various publishers.

    I'm curious to read of your reactions to the Elvira episode of FANGASM. The actions of some of the interns had me changing my mind about a couple and wonder how they would be as permanent employees of Stan's latest venture. The confrontation in the apartment and the dinner scene had some uncomfortable moments.

  2. You can hope that if you ignore the synchophant, it'll crawl back into its hole, but no such luck. Forthcoming fetid installments of the revisionist series of unsourced articles on HU, promise to drag Gene Colan's shade through the dirt...this by a person with no experience in the comics industry but plenty of personal axes to grind. You are just collateral damage.