Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Akron Comicon is on Saturday, November 9, 10 am to 6 pm, at the
Quaker Square complex of the University of Akron.  This event is my
last public appearance of the year.  I have not scheduled any other
appearances at bookstores, comic-book shops, libraries, schools or
conventions.  It’s your last chance of the year to ask me questions
face-to-face or have me sign any Isabella-written books or comics.

The convention has an outstanding guest list, including Brad Ricca,
the author of Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel
and Joe Shuster--the Creators of Superman
.  I’ve called this book
the best comics biography of all time and, if you haven’t read it,
you’re missing a compelling story and an important piece of comics
history.  There are great guests coming to the Akron Comicon, but
Ricca is the one I’m most looking forward to meeting.

Other Akron Comicon guests include Tom Batiuk, Jon Bogdanove, Ron
Frenz, David Aikins, Darryl Banks, Mike W. Barr, Tom Batiuk, Adam
Beechen, Andy Bennett, Craig Boldman, Sean Forney, Mike Gustovich,
Bob Ingersoll, Jon Judy, Dirk Manning, Mike Sangiacomo, Tom Scioli,
Chris Sprouse, Mark Sumarek, Chris Yambar and Thom Zahler.  Also on
hand will be representatives of such fine organizations as the Hero
Initiative and Help for Heroes, which helps raise funds for comics
professionals battling cancer.  There are also panel discussions,
though I’m not appearing on any of them.

The Akron Comicon will be featuring a “Costumes for Charity Event”
with the Hero Initiative and Help For Heroes as the recipients of
said charity.  There were 52 cosplayers at last year’s first Akron
Comicon.  I can’t wait to see this year’s participants.

As always, I’m happy to sign any and any number of Isabella-written
comics and books.  There is no charge for my signature.  There are
no limits to how many copies I’ll sign for you.  In the unlikely
event I have a long line, I will limit the number of items I sign
at one time.  If that happens, just get back in line at the end of
the line.  I will sign all your Isabella-written items.

I will only sign Black Lightning items for which I have been paid
my contracted royalties.  I can be flexible on this, but expect to
make a donation to The Hero Initiative or Help for Heroes if I sign
anything I’ve been stiffed on by DC Comics.

I will not sign Black Lightning Year One, that unclean abomination
published by DC a few years back.  I’m not as flexible on this one.
If you must have it signed by me, it will cost you fifty bucks per
copy with that money going to The Hero Initiative. 

Questions? I’m happy to answer them if they are asked politely and
if answering them doesn’t violate any agreements I have with past
or present clients. 

Interviews? I only do interviews by e-mail, the better to make sure
I answer them in the most accurate manner.  I can be flexible about
this, but, if you show up at my table with your camera or recorder
without having arranged an interview in advance, you’re not going
to get one.  Unless you really have a good pitch.

Writers? I’m sorry, but I can’t read or listen to your unpublished
ideas.  That long-standing policy protects both you and me from my
inadvertently stealing your idea years from now when my aging brain
won’t remember where it came from.

Artists? If you have samples to drop off, I’d love to get them.  In
2014, I will be writing projects from my long bucket of things I’d
like to write before I kick the bucket.  I’ll be looking for artist
partners for some of these projects.

Review copies? I’ll gladly accept them as long as you realize that
I can’t guarantee I’ll review every item given to me.  Sometimes,
I just don’t have anything to say about something. 

I think that covers everything, probably in greater detail than was
necessary.  I confess part of that is because I wanted to get these
things down in writing for future reference. 

The Akron Comicon is a terrific event.  I’m excited to be returning
to it and I hope to see you there as well.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.       

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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