Friday, October 25, 2013


Regular blogging with resume on Monday with the continuation of my
Mix 2013 comics symposium report.  In the meantime, I have a trio
of updates for you that will be posted today, Saturday and Sunday.

The Medina school board voted unanimously to begin what will be a
long and likely tedious process to fire Superintendent Randy Stepp.
This action follows a state auditor’s finding that Stepp “illegally
expended” over four thousand dollars of public money.  There is an
ongoing audit and investigation of another nearly million dollars
in spending.  Stepp is in deep shit.

Because the firing process is so long, as required by state law, I
don’t believe it will be completed before the November 5 election
of new school board members and voting on the 5.9-mill school levy.
However, the near-certainty that the incompetent unlikeable Stepp
will be terminated, along with the announced resignations of the
two remaining school board members whose own arrogance and
lack of oversight made Stepp’s pillaging of public money possible,
does improve the levy’s chance of passing.  I have already cast my
vote in favor of the levy.

This news has pleased most participants on the “Medina City School
Outrage Page” Facebook Page.  However, two posters stated they will
still not vote for the levy.  This didn’t surprise me.  There are
always voters who will not vote for any levy that doesn’t directly
benefit them.  It also didn’t surprise me that, when I checked the
Facebook pages of the two posters, I discovered they were hardcore
Republicans whose “likes” included some of the most ignoble pundits
and politicians of the right.

I know that many Republicans in this district do support the levy.
Good for them.  But, given the attitudes and policies of the GOP,
I continue to scoff at the naive notion that electing school board
members is a non-partisan matter.  Such attitudes and policies can
and do have a negative effect on our schools, our communities and
our country.

I want to thank all the Medina residents who have visited my bloggy
thing this week.  If you have any interest in comic books, cheesy
monster movies or my fascinating life - that last is slightly more
compelling than watching paint dry - please continue to visit from
time to time. I’ll do my best to entertain, inform and occasionally
infuriate you. 

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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  1. Voting against support of education will not harm the students, their betterment or the communities in which they live. Any view contrary to that is socialist, big government hippie-talk. I am appalled that you have taken a stance and expressed such views, sir.

    Everyone knows that the foundations of a community are built on and best served with cronyism, partisan politics and a lack of concern for others. Good day!