Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Since I started writing about the Syfy series Fangasm, a number of
my readers have weighed in on my commentaries and the show in both
public and private messages.  If you’re a new reader to this bloggy
thing of mine...

Fangasm is a “reality” show in which seven fans are given temporary
positions as interns for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, a yearly event
that includes comics, anime, gaming and more.  The inters were said
to be extreme pop culture fans.  These fans were Andrew Duvall, Sal
Fringo, Kristin Hackett, Molly McIsaac, Paul Perkins, Mike Reed and
Dani Snow.

CEO Regina Carpinelli runs the company.  In the finale of this six-
episode series, she would offer one of the interns a full-time
position with Comikaze.

Some of my bloggy thing readers called Fangasm little more than “an
infomercial for Comikaze” and sent me links to articles and blogs
taking that position.  Others told me they were inspired to watch
the show because of what I was writing. Some really loved the show
and some hated it.

I think it’s a fair assumption that Fangasm did not do particularly
well for Syfy.  The third episode was knocked out of prime time by
a rerun of an episode of Ghost Hunters and the remaining episodes
all aired at 11 pm or later.  The last two episodes were shown in
the same evening.

“Reality” shows are easily manipulated by their producers.  These
producers can choose to show some participants at their best or
at their worst.  In commenting on the show, I was obviously limited
to what was broadcast each week.  Still, by the end of the finale,
I was thinking I’d probably get along fine with these interns and,
of course, wished them all well in the future endeavors.  I think
they’re a good bunch of kids and I can call them kids because I’m
this grumpy old man who could be their somewhat young grandfather.

In the fifth episode, there was some drama to be had.  Regina came
to visit the company house where the interns were living.  She was
rightfully appalled by how messy it was.  That reflected badly on
all the interns.

Regina also had harsh words for Molly and Kristin who had failed to
hand out their assigned number of fliers at the E3 electronics and
gaming convention.  Molly burst into tears.  From the start of the
show, the producers have emphasized her overly dramatic reactions
to events.  Kristin was characteristically quiet.  She’s generally
been portrayed as Molly’s silent and unassuming sidekick.  Neither
portrayal likely tells the whole story about the ladies.

Mike scuttles his chances of getting the internship by confronting
Regina about making Molly cry.  Everyone else cringes.  Because it
wasn’t Regina who made Molly cry.  It was Molly overreacting to a
common workplace situation, that of the boss firmly telling someone
when they’ve messed up. 

It’s a week before the Comikaze launch party and Regina has to go
out of town.  Some of the interns will have to go to the office and
the rest will go to a storage unit to clean it out, find a needed
display item for the party and then organize the unit.  Molly, Mike
and Kristin quickly claim the office assignment; it’s clear none of
them what to get their hands dirty.

The other interns do an incredible job with the storage unit while
puzzling over all the Elvira memorabilia they come across.  Though
all acquit themselves well, Dani stands out as the intern who takes
charge and organizes the unit.  I realize Medina isn’t as glamorous
as Los Angeles, but if any of these kids want to go to work on my
twin Fortresses of Storage...

The mystery of the memorabilia is revealed when Cassandra Peterson
arrives at the unit.  She created and plays Elvira, is an executive
with Comikaze and a close friend of Regina’s.  She’s so impressed
by what the interns have accomplished she takes them out to dinner.

The second cringe worthy moment of the episode comes when Paul, a
capable young man who is often socially awkward, insults Elvira’s
movies.  It’s not intentional, but the stupid questions keep coming
out of his mouth.  I felt terrible for him.

The rest of the episode features non-business personal moments as
Sal reads a bedtime story to Dani and kisses her.  It’s weird, but
neither a deal-breaker or a game-changer.

Molly suggests live-action role playing in a nearby park as a way
to blow off steam.  It gets a little serious when Mike gets way too
aggressive.  It gets wonderful when Paul, pissed at Mike’s actions,
literally tackles him to the ground.  Mike isn’t happy, but accepts
that he went too far. Paul comes off as the hero.

The episode ends with the interns sitting at a cave formation that
was the entrance to the Batcave in the Batman series of the 1960s.
They share thoughts about their experiences, they bond, they swear
eternal friendship.  It’s a nice moment before their final episode
and their last chance to impress Regina.

A few Fangasm blogs back, I started rating the interns and see no
reason to stop.  As of episode five, here’s how I see their chances
of getting the permanent position with Comikaze:

1. Dani
2. Sal
3. Paul
4. Andrew
5. Kristin
6. Molly
7. Mike

I’m happy to say that all the interns shine in the final episode of
the series.  I’ll be back tomorrow with that big finish.

© 2013 Tony Isabella


  1. Hey Tony, I know this is your blog and you can post about anything you want to. But I just wanted to share with you that I come here to read what you have to say about comic books. I also like to hear what's going on in your life, and I like to hear your thoughts on politics.

    What bores me silly is when you review TV shows and stuff like Fangasm and reality shows. Barf. Does garbage really need to be reviewed, to know that it's garbage?

    Not sure if you're interested in the tastes of your peanut gallery, but that's my feeling. But like I said, I respect that this is your place to get stuff off your chest, and if you need to talk about crap TV, I'll just continue skipping those particular columns. Best wishes!

  2. Michael Kelly SchurmanOctober 30, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    I don't understand why so many people use pseudonyms or "anonymous" to sign what they write.

    I know I'm an old fart and all, but in my world only those afraid of retaliation or not confident in their positions use fake names or just don't sign their own.

    Is this just me?

    1. I would love to use my real name. This "reply software" forces me to select Anonymous. I don't understand any of the other choices. I'm not a computer geek, just a person who uses the computer about 20 minutes a day.

  3. Hey Tony, I'm not a big fan of "reality" television, but I'm almost always entertained by what you blog about. like anything else it it entertains me, i read if it it's doesn't... well no reason tor whine about it, I move on. I might seek out "Fangasm", just to see what the potential of it is really like, mostly based on your blog. Not wholly relevant to the topic, but your blog makes Ohio seem kind of cool. (But hey I'm in Nebraska so it all relative.:- )