Thursday, December 5, 2013


Here's an email from reader Dennis Donohoe:

I just finished reading your column about holiday gifts. This is not a bad time of year for people to think about our troops deployed overseas. Comic books are a welcome part of care packages that the Red Cross and other organizations put together to send to the troops. Over the last few years I’ve donated over 7,000 comics to the Red Cross for this purpose. The comics get packed in boxes along with tooth paste, snacks and all sorts of other things. I’ve gotten firsthand feedback from a couple friends who spent time in Afghanistan that comics are very welcome. You may want to suggest this to your vast legion of fans and blog buddies.

I read your columns every week. You’ve inspired me to try some new titles (I am currently reading Chew, which I knew nothing about until you wrote about it a few weeks ago). I wish you and your family the best of the holiday season and a wonderful Christmas.



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  1. Good comment. I was a soldier overseas once and knew a lot of guys were fiends for especially! People get downtime and sometimes there's not much to do, except drink beer and read comics and paperbacks. In that order.