Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I’ll be leaving on a jet plane on Thursday, January 9 to fly to Los
Angeles for a trip I’ve been promising myself for years.  Whenever
I’ve been in L.A. over the past two decades, it’s always been the
week after Comic-Con.  Which usually meant the people I was coming
to the city to visit were catching up on the work that they didn’t
do the previous week because they were also at Comic-Con. 

While my friends were glad to see me and we had some terrific times
together, I felt I was imposing on them.  Especially since I wasn’t
the only friend coming to see them after Comic-Con.  The week after
Comic-Con is like fan/pro tourist season in Los Angeles. Thanks to
fortuitous recent circumstances in my life, 2014 is the year I can
finally make my long-desired off-season visit.

Bob Ingersoll, my best buddy and sometimes collaborator, and I will
be flying into Los Angeles on January 9 and leaving the morning of
January 18.  We’ll be at Disneyland for the first two full days of
our visit and then head into Los Angeles for the rest of our stay.
I’m excited.

This is not a “work” trip.  I have no business reasons for making
this trip.  I’m just coming to hang out with dear friends and spend
a week away from chilly Ohio in January.  If you’re a friend who’d
like to see Bob and me while we’re in Los Angeles or even, for that
matter, Disneyland, e-mail me and we can make plans.

Though this is not a “work” trip, I’m not adverse to meeting with
people for business reasons while I’m in Los Angeles.  There have
been job offers and possibilities over the decades, but I’ve never
wanted to relocate from my beloved Ohio for more than a few weeks
at a time.  I’m quite happy at Casa Isabella.

However, if you’d like to “take a meeting” with me while I’m in Los
Angeles, e-mail me and we can set up something.  With the serenity
of my advanced years, I’m interested in hearing about whatever cool
project for which you think I might be a good fit and will approach
the meetings with no expectations whatsoever.  At the least, these
meetings would allow me to deduct part of my vacation as a business
expense. Note to casting directors: I won’t do nudity unless it’s
essential to the script. 

Seriously - I think it’s important I start the next paragraph with
“seriously” whenever the previous paragraph raises even the distant
unlikely specter of my doing anything in the nude - don’t hesitate
to contact me if you’d like to meet with me professionally.  Being
offered opportunities to do things that I haven’t done before keeps
my life exciting and fulfilling. Have your people call my people.
My people being me.  I couldn’t fit an entourage in the budget for
this Los Angeles vacation.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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