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My last 2022 out-of-state convention appearance will be The Eastern Rim Funny Book & Vintage Con at Goose Creek Memorial High School, 6001 E. Wallisville, Baytown, Texas. Admission is free and the show hours are: Saturday, August 27 (10 am - 6 pm) and Sunday, August 28 (11 am -4 pm). I wanted to give you the most important information about the show before I start waxing poetic about how excited I am to be attending this event.

Eastern Rim gives off a real community feel. I don’t recall that I have ever done a convention in a high school before. My high school memories aren’t always the best, but I’m relatively sure I won’t be shoved into a locker by any jocks. Seriously, though, when I see the terrific sponsors of the event, I see a community that supports the comics art form.

Eastern Rim promises artists, authors, cosplayers, special comic book guests, inexpensive food and fun. There will be panels and a cosplay contest.

The guest list is impressive. Besides me: legendary artist Glenn Fabry; dancer and actor Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers; my dear friend, the great DC Comics colorist and expert in some many areas of popular culture Anthony Tollin; artists Pop Mhan, Val Mayerik, Mark A. Nelson, Steve Erwin, Nick Pitarra, Vo Nguyen, Keith “Kez” Wilson, Hector Rodrigues, Tone Rodrigues, Joe Eisma, the Professor and Mary Ann and more. Just kidding about the last two, but let it me know that I’m willing to screen test for the role of either for the inevitable remake.

From the convention website, the cosplay guests look amazing. I’m hoping they get a chance to stop by my table for photos. Remember, though, cosplay is not consent. Before you take a picture or video of either a special cosplay guest or a fan having fun doing cosplay at the event, ask their permission.

I’m hearing great things about the vendors who will be setting up at The Eastern Rim Funny Book & Vintage Con. I’m hoping I keep so busy at my own table that I can avoid spending too much money with them. But you know I’m going to be spending some money.



Regarding my own table, I generally travel light when flying to a convention. For this trip, I’m bringing some posters of characters I created or did notable work on and the special exclusive-to-me reprint of Misty Knight’s first appearance in Marvel Comics. Here is the quick explanation of that gem.

When Misty Knight was set to debut on the Luke Cage TV series, my friends at the House of Ideas decided a special “Marvel’s Greatest Creators” reprint of her first appearance in Marvel Premiere #21. Then they called me up and asked if I wanted to order an exclusive variant of that reprint, one that would have an exclusive cover and only be available from me. The numbers worked for me and a limited print run of 1500 copies was made and delivered to me.

I’ve been signing and numbering the comics ever since. I’m selling them at a bargain price of just $10 each. Considering I charge $10 just for my signature, and you’re also getting an exclusive signed and numbered limited edition comic, that’s a deal.

Speaking of my signature policy...

If you buy an Isabella-related poster directly from me, I will sign it for free. If you bring an Isabella item that you’ve purchased elsewhere, I charge $10 per signature. I don’t charge extra if you have someone witness my sighing your item. As with everything else at my table, these are CASH ONLY transactions.

I don’t charge for photos you take of me or with me. Just ask me first.  I take no responsibility for damage to the devices you use for this purpose. Especially if you manage to capture my demented soul in your photos or videos.

I’m thrilled to be an invited guests of The Eastern Rim Funny Book & Vintage Con. My son Eddie and I will be flying in on Friday and departing on Monday. I expect we’ll be coming back with incredible memories of old friend and new.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2022 Tony Isabella

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