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I barely took a breath after last weekend’s outstanding Eastern Rim Funny Book and Vintage Toy Convention in Baytown, Texas when I got to work on this weekend’s Vast Accumulation of Stuff Garage Sale. It’ll be Friday and Saturday, September 2-3, from 9 am to noon each day at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio. After this weekend, there are only two more garage sales.

If you’ve come to my garage sales in the past, you know there will be a nice selection of dollar comics, magazines, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, Isabella-written stuff, older comic books are a whole lot more. Currently, I have two tables full of Godzilla figures and other kaiju collectibles. I have a full rack of comics-related t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. I have a way cool Sailor Moon wall hanging. I even have seven of our highly sought after $10 chocked-full-of-stuff mystery boxes.

Because I pretty much never stop working on these sales - devoting at least an hour a day to them, I’m in great shape for the weekend ones. I’ll make a few more mystery boxes, fill out the various comic book boxes, try to squeeze in a couple more trade paperbacks and hardcovers boxes, but that’s all I have to do.


Some basic stuff...

My garage sales have always been cash only. However, I can now take PayPal as well.

My prices are low. There are countless bargains to be had. That is why I don’t haggle.

Parking for my sales is usually on the Bradley Court “U” (where my driveway is located) and on the actual Damon Drive across from my house. I like to keep the driveway clear so people can see the sale from a distance, but will make an exception for any customer with a handicapped sticker.

This week, there’s some cable working being done on my street. You should be conscious of this because it may mean you’ll have to park a bit from my house.


At the conventions I attend, I charge $10 per item my signature. At my garage sales, I’ll sign almost any Isabella item for free. But, if you bring a lot of stuff for me to sign, you might have to wait for me to get to the items if I’m waiting on customers.

If you have questions, you can e-mail me. However, don’t expect me to answer questions about whether or not I have specific items or to schedule “private showings” for you. I’m crazy busy clearing the decks for my upcoming writing projects.

I hope to see you at my garage sales. I’ll be back soon with more bloggy things, including my report on the Eastern Rim Funny Book and Vintage Toy Convention.    

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