Monday, August 15, 2022

VAOS GARAGE SALE (August 19-20)



My next Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales will be happening at 840 Damon Drive in Medina, Ohio, on Friday and Saturday, August 19-20, from 9 am to noon. If you see a lawn with a bunch of signs advertising a comics and pop culture garage sale and a back porch with a large “Tony Isabella” banner from a convention, you are in the right place. Parking is on the Bradley Court circle as well on Damon Drive across from my house. Parking in my driveway will only be available for those with handicapped stickers.

The above photo may make it appear my garage is a state of chaos. That’s misleading. Things are moving along quite nicely. I’ll have between 4-6 boxes of dollar comics. I’ll have 2-3 magazine boxes, which will include over three dozen issues of G-Fan. I’ll have  boxes of Isabella-written books and comic books, 3-4 boxes of older comics (including Silver Age issues) and 5-6 boxes of hardcovers and softcovers.

My clothing rack is more full than it’s ever been t-shirts priced at $2 each, shirts at $4 each, sweatshirts at $6, jackets at $10 each and even a Sailor Moon wall hanging for just $10. There will also be a couple of much higher priced but incredibly rare jackets.

I’m extremely excited about the Godzilla figures and other Godzilla items I’ll be offering for sale. I may have enough of them to fill one full table.

I expect to fill the remaining table space and my bookcases with manga, paperbacks, collectible glasses, Funko Pop figures, maybe even some binders of non-sport cards and a few odd telephones. It depends on what I find over today and the next two days before the sales.

I also have an empty magazine rack and an empty spinner rack. They won’t be empty when my garage door opens Friday morning.

Everybody loves my $10 mystery boxes, each of them packed with way more than $10 worth of cool things. For the first time this garage sale season, I have a dozen boxes already packed. However, because the demand for these always far outweighs the supply, I’m limiting sales of them to one per customer on Friday and, if any are left on Saturday, two per customer.

A couple more notes:

I am buying comic books, though not in great bulk. I’ll pay $15 for a short box of good condition comics and $30 for a long box of good condition comics. Generally speaking, a short box holds a little over 150 issues and a long box around 300. The only restrictions: I don’t want too many copies of the same issues. I don’t want adults only comic books. I won’t be able to buy dozens of boxes at one time. I’d advise you to contact me before you bring the comics to my sales, both to make sure I can buy the number of boxes you’re bringing me and to make sure I have the funds to pay them.

When I’m at a convention, I sign Isabella items purchased from me for free and charge $10 per signature on stuff you didn’t buy from me at the convention. However, at my garage sales, I don’t charge for my signature. You’re welcome to bring your already-owned Tony Isabella comics and such to the garage sales and get them signed. However, if you’re bringing a lot of comics for me to sign, you’ll need to be patient while I wait on customers. Alas, my garage sales are a one-man operation.

At my sales, you’re also welcome to ask me questions about my fifty years working in the comic-book industry. There are questions that I can’t answer, either because I’ve signed NDAs or because I don’t remember the answers, but I’ll do my best to entertain and inform you. It’s what Stan and Jack would want.

Finally, I am unable to offer any special showings in addition to the listed hours of the garage sales. However, if I have customers in the garage at noon, I’ll stay open a little longer so they can finish their shopping.

Thanks for listening. I hope many of you can find your way to the garage sales. I know you’ll find great bargains and have more fun than at the average garage sale.

© 2022 Tony Isabella

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  1. I wish there were garage sales like this in my neck of the woods. Getting bored seeing nothing but baby clothes and used hockey equipment.