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You know there are many things that make me and other decent people not happy. However, as an acknowledged bringer of joy to the world, I’ve gotten extremely weary with beginning every one of my monthly “happy” blogs with doom and gloom. So I’m going to go directly to more cheerful things.

I’m knocking odds and ends off my “to do” lists and drawing closer to being able to write all sorts of cool stuff. Well, at least, I’m convinced it’s cool stuff.  Eventually, the marketplace will be the judge of my belief in my work.

July brought lots of positive energy into my life. Finding amazing items in my Vast Accumulation of Stuff. Successful auctions on my Facebook page. The return of G-Fest in Chicago. Being honored for my fifty years working in comics by the fans and my fellow guests at North Olmsted’s NEO Comics. Not a bad month at all.  I’m up for a repeat in August.

In the meantime, here are some of the things that made me happy in last month...

July 1: Have you ever been hugged by an eagle? My Funko army grows with the additions of Peacemaker and Eagly.

July 2: John Trumball’s terrific interview with James Robinson and Tony Harris in Back Issue #133. Starman was clearly the best super-hero series of the 1990s. Their discussion is a master class in the series and how to conduct interviews.

July 3: Better late than never? I watched and enjoyed the premiere episode of The Umbrella Academy. It’s got a Doom Patrol vibe to it. I’ll be watching the series over the next several weeks.

July 4: The Princess (Hulu). Joey King and Dominic Cooper shine in this non-stop action film. She’s a strong-willed woman refusing a forced marriage with his cruel sociopath. Too bloody for kids, but great fun for older viewers.


July 5: Emptied out my desk drawers. I tended to toss all kinds of things in them. Now I have two short boxes of stuff to go through, but I’ve already found some pretty cool items. Like these DC Super Friends mini-cars.


July 6: Isabella Brothers Bakery bags. I unearthed a couple dozen of these bags in the Vast Accumulation of Stuff. I’m not sure what to do with them except maybe frame them. I wish my dad was around to autograph them.

July 7: Jurassic Domination. I got a kick out of seeing this latest Asylum mock-buster on the big screen. It’s the studio’s typical B-movie fare, but I love those things. I’ll be blogging about it very soon.

July 8: The Boys second series finale was an exciting, horrifying episode. Such chilling moments, but none scarier than the idolatry of Janine’s stepfather’s for Homelander. Because it reminded me of those who insanely worship Trump in the real world.

July 9: The Umbrella Academy is dangerously binge-worthy. I watched the first episode of the first season less than a week ago and will start the third season today. Surprising twists. Great characters. Memorable performances. Amazing soundtrack.


July 10: Thor: Love and Thunder. I enjoyed this latest entry to the MCU. It was a balanced blend of action, drama, humor and romance. I’m up for more Thor, both in the next Avengers movie and his next solo feature. Thor and the Young Asgardians, anyone?

July 11: My Facebook auctions have been successful. In fact, they were so successful they are paying for my son Eddie and I going to G-Fest. Look for them to return the week of July 25.

July 12: On special occasions, the Australian Phantom comic books will include trading cards showing the title’s covers. I unearthed hundreds of them from my office this week. I’m slowly but happily putting them into albums.


July 13: There are many bad things in the world. But there are also Japanese dinosaur love hotels. So that’s something.

July 14: The first season finale of Ms. Marvel was near perfect: the hilarious living room scene, the action sequences, citizens and police opposing excessive authority, a satisfying conclusion and a great cliffhanger. More please.

July 15: Seeing Godzilla vs. Hedorah, one of my favorite Godzilla movies, on the big screen at the magnificent Pickwick Theater and then learning more about at a G-Fest panel the following morning.


July 16: Martin Arlt’s G-Fest tribute to Akira Takarada was one of the best such presentations I’ve seen at any convention. So moving and so packed with information. My friend truly honored the great actor and even greater man.

July 17: G-Fest had a fan tribute to Akira Takarada as well. This panel highlighted the kindness of the man to fans. He was one of the most genuine celebrities and it was wonderful hearing the fans share their encounters with him.

July 18: G-Fest XXVII was not the G-Fest I was looking for, but it was, nonetheless, a glorious event. I’ll share my thoughts on the convention in my blog very soon.


July 19: Flung Out of Space: Inspired by the Indecent Adventures of Patricia Highsmith by Grace Ellis and Hannah Templer is a must-read  graphic novel that, among other things, includes Highsmith’s time writing comic books in the 1940s.

July 20: John LeMay’s entertaining and informative Jaws Unmade: The Lost Sequels, Prequels, Remakes, and Rip-Offs. Easily my favorite writer about these movies I love, LeMay delivers many “wow” moments as he covers his often-weird subjects.


July 21: I have a new t-shirt. It’s funny because it’s true.

July 22: Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thins. Guess you found a new and fairly healthy snack. No added wheat or gluten, no cholesterol, no saturated fat, and low sodium! Yummy!

July 23: The Gray Man. Glorious carnage as Chris Evans (playing a psychopathic private contract killer) does battle with Ryan Gosling (a convict recruited by the CIA). Lots of great supporting players as well.

July 24: Valentina Rossi’s tweet: ...if you love comics as I do, you should totally follow @thetonyisabella! He’s the creator of Black Lightning and really progressive stories since the 70s, plus he’s a really nice and positive voice on Twitter.

July 25: Thank you, John Oliver. I will never get tired of you and others mocking the ridiculous Jim Cramer. Your additional dunk on the despicable Ezra Miller was icing on the comedy cake.


July 26: This coming Sunday’s NEO Comicon is commemorating my five decades in the comics industry with a special poster. Proceeds from sales of this poster and an auction of the individual pieces of art making up the poster will go to charity.

July 27: Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) is one of my favorite G-films. I couldn’t find an affordable Hedorah figure at G-Fest, but I found this small four-monster set on eBay. Maybe I can upgrade the Smog Monster in the future.

July 28: Medina’s Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been a rock star for us as we deal with even more problems with our Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. Great service and vehicles. I’ll be driving a Chevrolet Blazer to NEO Comicon this coming Sunday.

July 29: Olivia Twist: Honor Among Thieves by writers Darin Strauss and Adam Dalva with art by Emma Vieceli is an engaging future take on the classic Dickens male character. It’s got great color art by Lee Loughridge and a very satisfying conclusion.

July 30: Harley Quinn season three. The first episode was mediocre, but the series was back to its bad old self after that. Love that we’re seeing more of the Batman Family and Kite Man/Golden Glider.
Definitely not for kids.

July 31: NEO Comicon 2022 was everything I could have hoped for. I had a ball talking with old and new friends...and selling a whole lot of comics and books. As long as the event invites me, I’ll be there.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2022 Tony Isabella

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