Thursday, August 22, 2013


My next Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sale will take place on
Friday through Sunday, August 23-25, 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio.
Sale hours are 9 am to 1 pm each day.

Preparation for this week’s garage sale continues, though I’m still
a mite under the weather and nursing a sore heel.  Where are those
unpaid interns when I need them?

The quarter comic books are now filled with wonderful issues.  I’m
planning a Fortress of Storage trip to restock them after Friday’s
sale.  That’s how much cool stuff is in those boxes.

One of the seemingly endless legions of anonymous trolls attempted
to post to this bloggy thing of mine with a crack about how dare I
expect people to buy “crap you don’t want” at these garage sales.
As your garage sale guru, I feel compelled to explain that which is
obvious to anyone with half a brain.

My garage sale contains literally hundreds, nay, thousands of comic
books and books I enjoyed very much, but which I would likely never
have the time to read again.  When I come across stuff like that,
that’s what determines whether or not it goes into the sale.  The
decisions are sometimes painful, but they have to be made if I am
to achieve my goal of reducing the VAOS to a manageable level and
making sure my family doesn’t have too much stuff to deal with in
the sad event that I am called to Monster Island to spend blessed
eternity with my lord and master Godzilla.

My garage sale also contains literally hundreds, nay, thousands of
comic books and books I have never read and which I’d likely never
have time to read.  Deciding which of these items to put into the
sales isn’t as painful a decision as with the stuff I have read and
enjoyed, but it still stings a bit.

Technically, I suppose someone of a churlish nature might describe
my garage sale items as things I don’t want.  A far more accurate
assessment would be...if space and time were not considerations, I
would gladly keep all of these things.  I would build a library of
Alexandrian proportions and place them lovingly on shelves and in
neat rows of Drawer Boxes so that they would be within easy access
as I spent decade after decade reading and rereading them.  Alas,
cruel fate would doubtless decree that I would not have time enough
to read and reread them...and would probably break my glasses just
to fuck with me.  It is the way of this mortal vale.

On a cheerier note...I have eight more boxes from the Fortress of
Storage to go through today.  Some of these contain hardcovers and
trade paperbacks.  Some of these may contain magazines and perhaps
other strange and wondrous items.  I won’t know until I go through
them.  The suspense, the suspense.

Come back tomorrow for a “first day of the sale” update.


  1. Tell the "troll" that, unless they've been to one, they should refrain from comment. I have been to many of your garage sales and always left feeling like I got some great deals and nice additions to my collection.

  2. Every collector ends up making the decision to let stuff go or get on an episode of Hoarders.
    I just gave the local "friends of the library" a dozen boxes of books and vhs tapes this afternoon and I always feel glad to make a smaller stack out of what used to be much bigger.
    I also found about 20 books to list on Amazon while I was filling those boxes yesterday and already sold 2 of them so I've got $80 I didn't have to buy more stuff.