Saturday, August 3, 2013


"OOPS!" will be an ongoing bonus feature in the multi-media empire that is "Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing."  This entry comes from my friend Anthony Tollin, who writes:

Attached is the other Marvel cover that came out with the DC promo at the same time. As DC's assistant production manager, I was highly amused. 
As with our other ongoing bonus features, "OOPS!" will not appear on any regular schedule.  When you least expect it, it will appear.  Much in the manner the bloopers it covers must have appeared to comics industry professionals when they first spotted them...too late to do anything about them.

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  1. Any idea on how it happened? There were a few things like this back in the early 80's, and I was always puzzled by it.

  2. What am I missing? Why is this an "oops" cover?

  3. Cory...I'm guessing it was done on the printers end. Instead of digitally inserting whatever would normally go in the bar code area of Marvel direct marker comics, they stuck the DC one there. Given that DC did a lot more digests than Marvel, the printer probably thought it was a DC publication.

  4. Jim...As you can tell from the banner at the top of the cover, this was published by Marvel Comics and not DC.