Sunday, August 3, 2014


B&V Friends Comics Digest #239 [Archie; $4.99] has one story that speaks to me deeply. Written and drawn by Dan Parent with inking by Jon D’Agostino, “Yard Sale of the Century” (6 pages) kicks off when Veronica stops by Betty’s lawn sale and determines the Lodge family should hold then ultimate in yard sales.

Veronica’s world is different from the one I live in.  The Lodges have tents set up in their yard. They hire professional salespeople to man their cash registers. They have valet parking. Alas, their prices, bargains though they may be in Veronica’s world are far too high for the yard sale crowd. At the end, the Lodges lost money, a lot of money, on this sale. On the other hand...

The people who came to the sale delight in the small purchases they were able to afford and had a great time looking through the other cool things available for purchase.  Most important, Veronica and her parents had fun doing something together.

I won’t be writing about every Archie digest that comes my way, but I will be writing about them from time to time. Keep checking the bloggy thing for other mini-posts like this one.
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