Sunday, August 3, 2014


Gorgo. Konga. Reptilicus. I love the Charlton comic books based on these monster movies of the 1960s. Even the issues not drawn by the great Steve Ditko. Simply put, they delight me.

Konga is a particular favorite of mine because it so transcends the lousy movie that spawned the series. The issue shown here is Konga #6 [May 1962]. The Ditko cover art is taken from a full-page scene from the interior story.

I’m keeping these comic books until the day I die. I’m pretty sure I have almost every issue of these titles, but they are scattered throughout my Vast Accumulation of Stuff. Once I get all the issues together, I will move swiftly to pick up any issues I am missing.Because I love them.

Side note. I even own the novelizations of the three movies, which were also published by Charlton under their Monarch Books imprint.I should really read them soon.
More to come.
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  1. I have maybe a half dozen issues of these titles and I feel pretty much the same way. They just make me smile and remember why I used to love comics.