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We continue the Driveway Con 2014 report with the answers to the trivia questions I asked at the garage sale and posted yesterday:

Complete this Black Lightning poem fragment:
“Justice, like lightning, should ever appear
“To some men hope and to other men ....!”

B) fear

What was the first comic-book story Tony Isabella wrote for Marvel Comics?

A) Haunt and Run!

ADDENDUM: It appeared in Chamber of Chills #5 [July 1973].

What was the name of the first British weekly edited by Tony for Marvel Comics?

C) The Mighty World of Marvel

Tony used Hydra in two different Marvel Comics titles? From these three choices, name the one he didn’t use Hydra in.

A) Avengers

What was the title of Tony’s last Black Lightning story?

C) Twas the Night Before Kwanza

ADDENDUM: It appeared in DCU Holiday Bash II [1998].

What super-villain did Tony name after a comic-strip character?

B) Kite-Man

ADDENDUM: If you somehow missed the classic Hawkman #4 [November, 1986], I gave a civilian identity to the formerly unnamed Kite-Man. Bill Finger created this rather feeble villain in the 1960s. Kite-Man appeared once more in the 1970s before I used him in my Hawkman series. His civilian identity? Charles Brown. I mean, how could it not be Charles Brown?

Who was the first author whose work was adapted into a comic-book story by Tony?

B) August Derleth

ADDENDUM: I adapted “The Drifting Snow” for Vampire Tales #4 [April 1974].

Who is Tony’s favorite Western hero?

C) Rawhide Kid

Which of these comic-book TV adaptations did Tony write an issue of?

C) Welcome Back Kotter

Tony wrote nearly a dozen issues of Justice Machine for two comics publishers. Which of these publishers did he not write any Justice Machine issues for?

C) Millennium

Who was Tony’s favorite member of the Justice Machine?

B) Talisman

Which of these characters did not appear in Justice Machine?

A) Atom-Smasher

Which of these comic-book publishers didn’t publish Star Trek comic books?

A) Dynamite

Which of these comics publishers was the first to publish a Planet of the Apes comics?

B) Gold Key

ADDENDUM: Gold Key published a comic-book adaptation of Beneath the Planet of the Apes in 1970.

Which of these heroes was an original member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

A) Charlie-27
B) Martnex
C) Vance Astro
D) Yondu

ADDENDUM: This was a trick question. All four of these characters were in the original Guardians of the Galaxy.

Who was Marvel’s Misty Knight based on?

C) Pam Grier

Which of these was not a Harvey Comics character?

C) Little Slack

Which actor/actress will not be appearing on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in that show’s second season?

B) Ted McGinley

ADDENDUM: However, McGinley will be appearing in the third season as the biological dad of Agent Melinda May’s previously-unmentioned son. Hilarity will ensue.

Who created the Spectre?

B) Jerry Siegel

When Genma Saotome is splashed with cold water, he transforms into a...

A) giant panda

Which of these was NOT a comic-book title?

B) Outlaw Annie

ADDENDUM: When I first wrote the question, the incorrect choice was Nellie the Nurse. Until I remembered that Marvel has published such a title along with Millie the Model, Sherry the Showgirl and Tessie the Typist. If this trend ever comes around again, I have already written  proposals for Becky the Brain Surgeon, Dana the Designer, Pauline the Producer and Caitlyn the CEO. Four sisters who are doing it for themselves. Hilarity will ensue.   

Which of these was NOT an Archie title?

B) Archie Meets the Ghostbusters

I’ll be back before you know it with the rest of the “garage con” strips by Tom Batiuk and the finale of my Driveway Con 2014 report.

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  1. I missed August Derleth, Talisman, and Avengers — I figured Giant-Size Chillers was a strange-but-true ringer in the Hydra question, but I guessed wrong out of the likelier suspects.