Saturday, July 4, 2015


Happy birthday to the United States of America, my country and the country in which I have pride and concern in equal measure. In the past couple of weeks, the Supreme Court of our land rule correctly on the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality. The one ensures decent health care for millions of Americans and the other finally recognizes the obvious right that had no long been denied to many of my fellow citizens. I was delighted by these decisions, even as the right-wingers attacked them. America being America, the Court also upheld executions and pollution.

The Republican Clown Car of the 2016 presidential campaign seems to add a new buffoon every few days. The hatred and nonsense expressed by these candidates dismays me, even as some of their antics amuse me. I’ll be posting a little mental game about them later today. I hope you’ll enjoy playing in and that you’ll share the results with me and your fellow bloggy thing readers.

I looked over what I posted on this date last year and suggest my Independence Day 2014 bloggy is worth checking out, especially if you didn’t read it then. Or, if you’ve already had your fill of our contentious politics, you can reread the reviews of cheese movies I posted on Independence Day 2013.

My plans for today include taking my wife Barb to visit my mother at the very nice assisted living facility into which she has moved and then taking Mom to our family house on Peony Avenue to continue the process of closing the book on the six decades of memories that my parents and siblings made in that place. I’ll be writing about that somewhere.

I wish the happiest of holidays to my fellow Americans. I share the hopes of my foreign friends that America will strive to be a force for good in this often dangerous world of ours. The American Dream is a worthy one. Making that dream the reality is our neverending quest. Forward, ever forward.   

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2015 Tony Isabella

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