Thursday, July 16, 2015


Re: “Justice for Michael Davis”

Michael Davis didn’t know I was going to write about him. Indeed, the last communication I’d had with him prior to the column was my sending him a brief thank you for all he had done on behalf of our mutual friend Don McGregor. The column was subsequently re-posted to Michael’s own Michael Davis World website without my permission. Which I would have granted had I been asked and which I’m okay with even without being asked.

I heard from someone at Milestone who wanted to chat with me, but I’ve declined the kind offer for now. I assume he wanted to share the company’s side of the story with me - they have as many or more online venues for that as I do - or perhaps act as a negotiator of sorts, which is something I actually have done quietly for others in the comics industry. Or maybe it was something else entirely. I may never know. In any case...

Though I’m a big fan of Milestone, I am a writer and not any kind of peacemaker. My function is to write about things and not involve myself in them beyond that. As I see it...

These are good people. All of them. They can work this out. They can fix this. And, even without knowing all the details, I’m sure  they can fix it easier than they could’ve imagined until they try. Because that’s the true way of these things. If good people want to fix things, they can fix them. Just fix them.

That’s true whether it’s Michael Davis and Milestone Media or Tony Isabella and DC Comics or any other dispute in the comics business. Put aside the corporate bullshit. Tell the lawyers to sit quietly in the other room while good people work out their differences and then have the lawyers write it up real nice.

It’s always good and smart business to do right by creators.

Just fix it.

Anyway, I just heard from Michael this morning. He is apparently on a cruise and his online connection sucks. It was just a short note of thanks. He’s welcome.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

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