Friday, March 24, 2017


Back Issue #95 [April 2017; $8.95] is the “Creatures of the Night” issue of the Bronze Age fanzine edited by Michael Eury. The cover is by Bill Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson, adapted from the splash page of 1981's Moon Knight #6.

Inside the issue, the “Pro2Pro” column offers a dialogue between Moon Knight creator Doug Moench and Sienkiewicz. An interview by Mike W. Barr, one of the best of the Batman writers, also appears in the issue. Other articles discuss: the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider, Night Nurse, Eclipso, I...Vampire, Batman’s wardrobe, Batman pencil art and Nightcat. The 84-page magazine is filled with history and inside information, side by side with never-before-seen and rarely-seen artwork. It’s the Bronze Age and Beyond!

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