Monday, March 20, 2017


So here I am playing hooky from the two books I’m working on this week to let you know how cool The Bronze Gazette #78 [Spring 2017; $10] is. Which is very cool.

Gary Chaloner is the cover artist. Inside there’s more of his art and his article on his creation Red Kelso. Inspired by Doc Savage, Kelso’s adventures take place before Doc’s. If both characters were part of the same universe, Kelso might have inspired Savage to his lifetime of adventure, invention and protecting the innocent.

The 54-page digest magazine also includes an article on the fantasy Doc Savage covers of Keith Wilson, BG’s Art Director; Will Murray discussing “The Doc Savage Sequel I Didn’t Write”; an interview with J.G. Jones, who wrote Doc near the end of DC’s failed “First Wave” imprint; articles on cover mysteries with the Bantam Books series; and more.

I recommend The Bronze Gazette for its fascinating articles, great illustrations and top-of-the-line production values. You can learn more about the magazine at its website.

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