Saturday, September 3, 2011


I’m continuing my attacks on my Vast Accumulation of Stuff.  This
month, I’ve started going through closets and drawers gathering up
clothes to be donated to charitable organizations.  I’m working on
my Vast Accumulation of T-Shirts at the moment.  Prior to my garage
sale, someone e-mailed me asking if I would have any comic shirts
on sale.  I didn’t...because I couldn’t imagine there would be any
market for my old shirts. Did I err?

Nightmare scenario. Someone buys my old shirts to harvest genetic
material from them and clones an army of me. Shudder.

On discovering piles of t-shirts on our bed, Sainted Wife Barb said
I should clean out the maternity clothes that fill roughly half of
the closet in my office.  She’s pretty sure she won’t need them at
any time in the future.  Her wish is my command, especially since
it means I’ll be able to fit all my hanging clothes in the closet.
They are currently spread out over four closets.

Besides going through the clothes, this month is when I start going
through various boxes and file cabinets in search of cool stuff to
sell on eBay.  I’ve asked a friend of mine to design the official
“Tony Isabella Certificate of Authenticity” which will accompany all
such sales and certify the buyer has purchased an item from my Vast
Accumulation of Stuff.

Once the certificate is ready, the eBay sales will begin.  I’ll let
you know when that happens.


The “I, Alex Cross” movie I mentioned the other day is also filming
scenes in nearby Akron, Ohio.  The Northeastern Ohio area has fast
become a popular location for movie-makers.  As I also mentioned,
this movie was going to be shot in Detroit, but Republican Governor
Rick Synder screwed that up.  Alas, that sort of thing could easily
happen in Ohio as well.

Ohio elected the despicable John Kasich as our Governor last time
around.  He’s a former Lehman Brothers executive and a former Fox
News employee.  He immediately set out to sell off the state to
his business cronies while trying to cast firefighters, policemen,
and teachers as villains.  He’s hired out-of-town pals for various
state positions, giving them raises while cutting the pay of those
state workers who actually work for a living.  He won’t live in the
Governor’s mansion, which means the state is paying for security at
his own home.  He is, of course, trying to enact laws and policies
that would make it more difficult for people to vote, mostly those
people most likely to vote against him and his ilk.  Currently, he
is making a grab to take over municipal income tax collections, a
move which has enraged both Democratic and Republican mayors.
Casting politeness aside, Kasich is scum.

In other news, the fate of Matthew Fox, who is one of the stars of
the Alex Cross movie, is still undecided at this time.  He has been
accused of assaulting a Cleveland bus driver.  At present, the case
is before the city prosecutor, but at least one TV station seems to
think a formal arrest is imminent.  I’ll keep you posted.


Recommended reading: If you’re looking for something very different
in police procedurals, check out the Sonchai Jitpleecheep novels by
John Burdett. Jitpleecheep is a detective in the Royal Thai Police
Department, a devout Buddhist, and the son of a Thai bar girl who
now owns one of the popular brothel/nightclubs in Bangkok.  Burdett
fills these books with great characters, brutal criminals, social
issues, police corruption, and political intrigue.  I’ve never been
to Bangkok, but these books make the city come alive for me.  I’ve
read and enjoyed the first three books in the series - Bangkok 8,
Bangkok Tattoo
, and Bangkok Haunts.  Waiting for me to finish the
writing gigs on my desk is The Godfather of Kathmandu, the fourth
in the series...and there’s a fifth book due in January. 

Bangkok 8: ISBN 978-1-4000-3290-7

Bangkok Tattoo: ISBN 978-1-4000-3291-4

Bangkok Haunts: ISBN 978-1-4000-9706-7

The Godfather of Kathmandu: ISBN 978-1-4000-9707-4

Vulture Peak: ISBN 978-0-3072-7267-6

Recommended Archie: I think every comics fan should read an Archie
comic every day.  Especially after looking at the blood and gore on
the covers of a whole bunch of DC’s super-hero titles.  Geez!

Jughead Double Digest #172 [$3.99] is good for what ails you.  It
starts with “Treasure Hunt,” a funny new story by Paul Kupperberg
(script), Tod Smith (pencils), and Terry Austin (inks).  The issue
also reprints several stories written by Craig Boldman, my all-time
favorite writer of Jughead stories.  But, wait there’s more.  Lots
of other Jughead stories, one-page gags, and tales starring Hot Dog
and That Wilkin Boy.  Riverdale, take me home!   

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2011 Tony Isabella

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