Friday, September 16, 2011


Many comics bloggers write about Diamond’s Previews catalog every
month.  Though I sometimes find this interesting, it’s one of those
things I honestly believed I’d never do here.  Others would include
speculating about comic books before I’ve read them...or going to
a comics shop every Wednesday and then rushing home to quickly read
whatever I bought so I could write about it that night.  I like to
savor the comic books I read, carefully consider their quality or
lack thereof, and write about them when I think I have something to
say about them that I would want to read if I weren’t writing it.
I’m a crazy old rebel, I am.

My resistance has wavered this month because the September Previews
had four items that so tickled me I wanted to comment on them.  If
I managed to post the image correctly, you have doubtless seen the
first of them at the top of today’s blog.

Marvel: Thor’s Hammer Sculpted Bottle Opener [$22].  It’s a bottle
opener and Thor’s hammer.  That’s just cool.  I might need to get
a few of these for myself and for holiday gifts.  It even comes in
a collector’s case, but, verily, by the power of mighty Mjolnir, I
would be sore disappointed in any mortal who, on receiving such a
treasure, did not immediately use it to open a cold one. 

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is more than just
one of my favorite programs.  It’s intelligence therapy in the midst
of a country getting dumber by the minute as the right continues to
confuse greed, insanity and intolerance with leadership.

Given my high regard for The Daily Show, how can I not be excited
to see a solicitation for Shame Itself [$3.99], a one-shot written
by the writers of that program?  Especially when one of the writers
is Wyatt Cenac, the most brilliant young comic to hit the airwaves
in years?  My funny bone throbs in anticipation! 

The third item also comes from Marvel: Essential Sgt. Fury Vol. 1
[$19.99].  The 544-page tome reprints issues #1-23 as well as the
15-page story from the first Sgt. Fury Annual in which the Howling
Commandoes reunite for a Korean War mission.  All these stories are
written by Stan Lee with art by either Jack Kirby or Dick Ayers.
It’s a huge chunk of entertaining reading with a couple stories I
would rank as classics.  I’m looking forward to it.

I only spotted the fourth item because I’m obsessive about looking
through the entire catalog every month.  Which isn’t easy given the
tedium of sections focusing on some prolific publishers.  More than
often than not, I’m gasping for air by the time I get through low-
class outfits like Bluewater, though, to be fair, my low opinion of
that company is based partly on their deplorable talent contracts.
But I digress. 

From Lerner Publishing Group comes Lily Renée, Escape Artist: From
Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer
[$7.95] by Trina Robbins
with art by Anne Timmons and Mo Ho.  While I knew Renée’s terrific
art from Fiction House features like Jane Martin and Senorita Rio,
and from romance stories for St. John, I’ve only recently learned
of the path that brought her to America (fleeing from the Nazis as
a teen) and very little of her life before, during, and after her
comics career.  Though the 96-page book is aimed at younger readers
(ages 9-12), Robbins is one of the leading historians in comics and
THE leading expert on women cartoonists. Any book she writes has a
place in my comics library.   

I’m off to Columbus to celebrate my daughter Kelly’s 20th birthday.
I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2011 Tony Isabella


  1. I love ya Tony, but I wish you would leave the politics out of your blogs. You insult me with talking point buzz words like, intolerant, insanity, that's just a lie and it's beating a dead horse. Stay real, and knock of the propaganda, for that's what it is. Maybe watch some real honest to goodness news instead of comedians, who know diddly squat about any of it.
    Other wise I enjoy reading your take on things, except the B.S. about conservatives, diss the RINO's all ya want, just leave me out of it.
    Sarah Palin 2012 ;-]

  2. My opinions on the right as it exists today - Are there any actual conservatives still around? - comes from decades of observing the greedy and intolerant of my country and those who blindly, yes, insanely, follow them. They aren't just based on my watching of The Daily Show, though I consider Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and their writers as modern-day Mark Twains. Speaking truth to power in the guise of humor. Too often those who challenge my observations define "news" as "Fox News". Much the way the right says "job creators" when they mean "filthy rich bastards who are destroying the middle class in our country." I don't know if you fall into any of those categories, but, just as I give you credit for coming by your opinions honestly - however wrong I consider your opinions - give me the same courtesy.

    Leaving the "politics" out of my blogs would be like leaving the realism out of my stories. I am part of the real world. Even my most fantastic work is based on the real world and my writings are informed by it.

    There are plenty of places you can go to read the "right" opinions. What you get here is what you get here. I hope you enjoy it. If not, like I said, there are plenty of other blogs and websites online.

  3. Tim...let me add that, outside of your belief that what I expressed in this blog are lies and propaganda, I don't actually know what your opinions are. So when I speak of however wrong I feel your opinions are, those are the opinions I refer to.

  4. Thanks for being so straight forward Tony it puts you in my highest respect. I'm simply an American who believes in equal opportunity, not equal out come. We are only victims when we allow ourselves to become some collective society of benevolent government. Sarah brought out the term Corny Capitalism. This is prevalent in our government and is the greatest cause of grief in this nation. It is ingrained in both sides of the isle. It is how they do business in Washington. You, I, or God is not in their thoughts at all. It has become a Den of Thieves.
    When I say buzzwords, that's what they are. Words with an intent to cause discord in the public, and divert attention from Washington. Oh be angry at a party, fine, pick one it don't matter, cause the clan still flourishes and eats us alive. Instead of going after people who may not vote as you, go after those who despicably use you. Throw ALL the bums out! Thanks for your indulgence, Semper Fi!